Thursday, December 2, 2010

December already???

Where in the world has the time gone??? I can't believe that it is already December! We have had such a busy few weeks and it is just going to get even more crazy over the next few weeks.

Jacob and I had a really good vacation to CO! We enjoyed spending time with Oma, Boppy, Jessica, Caleb and the twins Julianna (Jules) and Katherine (Kat). We went to the children's museum and had a blast! It is such a neat place to take kids. Another day we went to the Denver zoo and had a great time looking at all the animals. We lucked out the day that we went to the zoo as it was in the 50's. The day before and the day after it was down in the 30's! We also enjoyed shopping (OK, so I enjoyed it more than Jacob!) at stores that we do not have here in AK. Then before Oma and Boppy left for Hawaii, we took the twins and Jacob for pictures. They turned out so so so cute! (look below for some examples!)

Once we were home it was time for Thanksgiving! I cooked a big (19lbs!) turkey along with the fixings. We had Megan and Mike, as well as my dad and my uncle Tom over. Megan made some really yummy rolls to go along with our yummy dinner. :)

The next week and a half will be busy doing things around the house and town. My mom and sister Sara are flying in on Saturday night. Hans and I will be at his companies Christmas party, so we will see them after we leave that. My mom is only staying until Wednesday and then she is flying onto Canada for a few days while Sara stays here with us. Then on the 14th, Sara, Jacob and I will all fly down to Las Vegas and stay there until the 17th when Hans comes down. We will then make our way to my moms in AZ for Christmas and then we are going back to Vegas for NYE!!! During the time that we are down in AZ, Hans will most likely be making a side trip North Dakota to visit a company that he interviewed with this past Monday via Skype! The interview went really good and we have a good feeling about this job prospect!!

OK for some pictures:
Denver Children's Museum

 Pictures from JCP


 Mommy and Jacob at the Denver Zoo!
 And last, but not least....Jacob with Santa!

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