Saturday, August 27, 2011

I broke my ankle :(

We have been taking wonderful nightly walks a a family this past week in the evenings. Last night, Hans suggested that we drive across town and go walk around the lake as there is a very nice walking path. We started out with Jacob in the stroller, but after about 10 minutes of that he wanted to walk. He was being good and holding my hand, but then wanted to walk all by himself. We were ok with this as long as he stayed to my left so that I was between him and the water. Well like most 2 year olds ge wanted near the water. I turned to grab him and when I turned back, my foot fell into a gofer hole and both Hans and I heard the pop that my ankle made. Unfortunately we were at a part of the path that there was no way Hans could drive to, so we had to call for an ambulance to come get me. They took me to the hospital and Hans took Jacob home. I stayed in contact with him via text message and was able to let him know when I was almost ready to be released. He pulled up just as they were moving me to the waiting room so they helped me load into the can. Hans and Jacob have been very helpful bringing me what I need and taking care of me. :) I am in a boot cast and on crutches. I will find out next week when I have a followup with my doctor how long I will be in the boot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday to me!


Last week I celebrated my 27th birthday! We had to go to Sioux Falls for a eye appointment for Jacob and after that we headed to the Zoo. We had a great time looking at all the animals. We really enjoyed seeing the baby monkey!

We are getting the house to feel more and more like ours! Since we have the upstairs painting done, we pulled out our art and got some of it hung in the formal living room and dining room. I am planning on getting our family picture wall done this weekend! We plan on painting the downstairs hopefully sometime in the next few weeks and then we will be able to hang up the art we have for down here.

We have decided to have some minor alterations done to our kitchen, and have found a company to do the work! They are going to remove the 18in cabinet next to our fridge, cut the counter, remove the double cabinet on the wall above the counter they are removing. Then we will slide the fridge over into that space, put up a single cabinet on the wall, and then put a pantry cabinet in between the wall and fridge. The main reason we are having this all done is because with our new fridge the french door on the left hits the wall and doesn't open all the way.

I am really excited as I was chosen to be on a design team for another craft blogger to help showcase my crafts (if you want to see them, check out my craft blog!) For this, I will be making specific crafts that will be posted on both my blog and the persons blog who's design team I am on! I have already posted 2 times just this week (my first) for her and have seen a increase in the people visiting my craft blog!