Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MRI postponed

So my MRI that was schedule for today has been postponed until Thursday due to the MRI machine having some issues and not working properly. I also scheduled my abdominal ultrasound for my liver and gallbladder. Before scheduling this I called the hospital and a private ultrasound clinic to get prices and was quite shocked on the difference in price. The private clinic charges $465 and that includes the reading. The hospital charges $1300 and that does not include the reading! So I choose the private clinic as I know the ultrasound techs there as they are who my work contracts for the ultrasounds in our office. I have the ultrasound scheduled for 1pm on Thursday and then the MRI at 4:30 pm.

Jacob is still not feeling great, but he is wanting to play more, so that is a good sign! After dinner and bath time tonight he was quite tired and fell asleep on me and we snuggled together. I tried to put him down, but he would wake right back up and only sleep if I was holding him. I figured that he is still sick and there will be a day that he doesn't want to be held by his mommy so I enjoyed every minute of it. So while he was sleeping, I took this picture of the two of us!

For Christmas, we got him this toy that he can stand behind and push and learn to walk. We have tried a few times to put him behind it and have him stand/push it and he never really understood or was more interested in the toys on the front...well tonight he pushed it and took some steps with it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jacob's 9 month stats...and some medical stuff...

Today was Jacob's 9 month check-up. He is growing fantastic! He is 17lbs 11oz and 28 1/4 inches! He has had a cold since last week that I have been worried about. The doctor checked him all out and he does have bronchitis. Unfortunately it is viral so no medication will get rid of it. The doc said that it takes 10 to 14 days to run its course. Until then we just have to deal with a  baby that isn't feeling all that well and who's nose is running all.the.time!

Now onto the other medical stuff..... Back on the 15th I went to the doctor because my dizzy spells came back. They once again gave me the sea sickness patches, and did more blood work. At that visit they diagnosed me with hyperglycemia and vertigo. Well my labs came back from that visit last week and they had me go back in on Friday and gave more labs drawn. I also picked up a order to go and get a MRI done and that happens tomorrow. Then today the nurse calls me and tells me that the doctor added some more tests to my lab order and also wants me to have a ultrasound of my liver and gallbladder. So tomorrow when I go fri the MRI I will get the order for the ultrasound and hopefully get that done sometime this week. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jacob is 9 months!!!!

I am freaking out just a bit!!! My baby is 9 months old today!!!!! Sometimes I have to stop and realize just how big he is growing.

So after realizing that some days I just don't have much to blog about or the time to do it, I will update at least once a week, sometimes more if I have the time or something important.

Jacob has been crawling and pulling himself to standing for a while now. Tonight I put him behind his walking toy and tried to get him to take a few steps. He did it a couple of times but wasn't to sure what to do. I think that is a good sign that him walking is still a few months away (crossing my fingers that it is at least.) As I was taking his 9 month pictures Hans noticed that I accidentally put 1/18/2009 on the first sign, so I had to remake it and put 2010, so yes I know that some of them have the wrong year...but they were too cute to get rid of.  So here are some of his "9" month pictures and a few from the last week!
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Ok mom enough with the pictures.......

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My College Diploma came!!!!!!!!! It finally came yesterday! Hans called me at work to let me know that I had received  package int he mail. He said that it stated on it "do not bend" so I knew right away that it was the diploma! To celebrate we went out to dinner at Chili's, plus it was Kim's last night staying with us. (Thanks Kim for all your help with Jacob!)

So tonight we are back to sleep training / getting Jacob back into his crib. I talked to the LC at his pediatric office yesterday to get some tips on how to get him to start sleeping through the night and she said the best way is to get him into the crib. So I started to try again last night, but with Kim trying to pack and then needing to get a good nights sleep, I called it off pretty quick. So tonight with us getting back to our normal routine not having house guests I did as the LC told me and that was feed him dinner, let him play some. Then put him in his PJ's and nurse him either until he is done eating or until he falls asleep and then put him in his crib. Hans helped me as he lowered the crib today to its lowest setting and for me to lay him down in it sleeping I will have to use a step-stool. But when Hans put him down he woke up. I came in and got him to settle down and then put him back in had his music/projector playing that he likes to look at. I then left and shut the door and he was crying before I even got out of the room. As I am writing this he has been in there for 45 minutes. It is hard, but I know that it is the best thing to do. He needs to be sleeping in his crib so that he can get a good nights sleep, but also so that Hans and I can get a good nights sleep. Both my mom and the LC have told me that it is harder on me than it is him....I just have to remember that! :)

So back to the exciting part and that is my diploma. I had Hans take a few pictures of me with it so here they are!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I made spaghetti for dinner tonight and decided to let Jacob try some noodles without sauce. He LOVED it! Here are the pictures from dinner tonight!

Fun Day

Today started with scrapbooking time with Megan. She came over and we scrapbooked for a few hours. Well I only finished one page because I haven't ordered pictures of Jacob since he was 1 month old! So I went through all my pictures and ordered the ones that I need printed. Once Megan had to leave, Kim, Jacob and I all headed to the movies. The first one that we wanted to see we couldn't because the line was so long for tickets so we went to Youth in Revolt. It was an ok movie....Kim really wanted to see it, and it was showing at the right time so we went. After the movie we came home and played around until Hans got off of work and then went to the Aces game. They started the game very good, but after a bad call by the ref it went downhill from there and they lost.

Today's pictures are of Kim playing with Jacob!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So tonight's Aces game was a great game! We didn't have the best start but we sure came out with a fire under our butts for the second and third periods. There was a bench clearing attempted fight at the end of the second period.

I got some really cute pictures of Jacob at the game on my phone so here they are!
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend plans and I got my ring back!

The weekend is almost here! This week has felt so so so long. Tomorrow night Megan, Mike, Hans, Jacob and me are all going to the Aces Game. Then on Saturday Megan is coming over to scrapbook for a few hours. Then that evening Hans, Kim, Jacob and me will go to the game. Kim, Jacob and me might go do something fun in the afternoon after scrapbooking as Megan has to goes to her robots meeting. I was thinking of going to H2Oasis. :) Then Sunday is Church and being lazy. Depending on what time Diane gets in from her trip we may do dinner there.

Happy news...I got my ring back. I noticed last week that I had lost one of the diamonds in my ring. I took it to the jewelers that we bought it from and it was covered under my VSP plan! They sent it out on Monday and it was back last night! They cleaned it all up too so it is very shiny!!

So I didn't take any pictures tonight as I didn't have the time, so I went through my pictures and found one of my favorites.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hump day!

It's humpday!!! The weekend can't get here soon enough. The past 2 holiday weeks really spoiled me and I am looking forward to being able to sleep in. It doesn't help that I had to get up early this morning for a 7am dentist appt. I almost forgot last night that I needed to be up early, I was almost asleep when I sat up and was like crap I have to get up early.... so away to the dentist I went to day. The good news is that with my new double coverage for dental I didn't have to pay anything and will not have to for the rest of the work that I need done before my insurance ends at the end of February from me stopping working. :)

I am looking forward to the weekend as Megan and I have tentative plans to scrapbook. I am excited because I got some new scrap-booking supplies last weekend. This reminds me that I need to go and order some more pictures to have to scrapbook!

I couldn't just pick one picture for tonight as I got a few really cute ones while giving Jacob a bath in the kitchen here they are!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Blah.....I sometimes hate weeks after a short work week as they always drag on sooooo add that I have short-timersits about being able to stay at home now that the announcement was made at work today that I am leaving. Plus after I am done working then Jacob and I will be on "vacation" minus Hans. Jacob and I will be gone from February 21st to March 19th. Hans will be flying down to see us for 5 days of that the first week of March. The last week that we are gone is the week that we will be at Walt Disney World. Needless to say I am excited about that trip, minus the fact that I will be away from Hans for so long. It will be the longest that we have been apart since we have been together. I feel bad leaving him at home for so long, but I also now that he is a big boy and can take care of himself. Plus I am sure that Megan and Mike will keep him company. :)

Tonight we continued on our quest to do a deep clean on the apartment. We moved the 2 chairs in the living-room and the end tables to vacuum and pick things up. Hans even cleaned out the fireplace. While he was doing so he asked me if I remember what our first apartment manager told us when we moved in here 3 years ago about the fire place. I of course did and that was they have them professionally cleaned yearly.....well that has yet to happen in the 3 years that we have lived here. Thankfully we don't use it that often and I don't see us using it before we move out of here so I won't make a stink of it as our current manager sucks. So anyways back to our living-room. We were trying to decide how we could move the furniture around to make more room and make things fit better, but keep Jacob out of areas that he doesn't need to be getting into (IE the fireplace). Hans decided that having the fireplace showing was not going to be realistic if we didn't want to have to always move Jacob from going up to it, so we put the recliner back in front of it. We moved the end table to be at an angle between the couch and the chair to block him from being able to crawl between then and back behind them. We put the glider back where it was and may move it once we move the cabinet out in the next week or so. I will try and remember to take some pictures tomorrow night and post them.

My picture today is one that Hans took of Jacob and I after I got home from work.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The countdown is on!!!!!

In 6 weeks I will be a stay-at-home mom!!!! Well I will be doing some computer/scanning work for one of my moms companies out of a small rented space just around the corner from my home. This is so exciting for me as I have always wanted to be able to stay home with Jacob and this will give me the freedom to do so but still allow me to contribute to the family income. My last day at Alaska Women's Health will be February 12. I then will have a week to get things set up in the space that will be my "office" and then Jacob and I are off to Arizona. I will be there to set up with my mom the files that I will be using when scanning all the stuff into and then watching my sisters while my mom goes on a cruse. After she comes back we have another week to work on the files and then we are headed to Florida and Walt Disney World. When we leave Florida my mom and sisters will fly back to Vegas and Jacob and I will fly back home. Then I will start scanning all the paperwork for the last 7 years into the server.

My picture for today is of Jacob playing. I didn't get any great pics tonight, but this was the best one of all.

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Oh and the Aces finally remember how to play hockey and actually won a game tonight! Jacob and I didn't go but Hans and Mike did. Mike actually caught one of the free t-shirts that they throw out into the crowd during the breaks. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleep training......

So I am trying to get Jacob back to sleeping in his crib at night. Before we went on vacation in November I would put him in his crib when he fell asleep and he would stay in there until between 3:30 and 5:30ish when I would move him into bed with Hans and I to nurse him back to sleep and allow me to sleep until I needed to get up. Well that stopped when we were on vacation and he slept with us almost the entire time. Add in that he loves to take his nap while at Oma's with her it is really been a hard time to get him back into the crib. So tonight I gave him a bath, and then nursed him to sleep. He stayed sleeping for maybe 10 minutes, so I went in and nursed him again, and laid him down again. This time he woke up, so I put him on his stomach as this is how he prefers to sleep. I sat there patting his back and shhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhing for what felt like forever. He then decided that it was time to fill his diaper so I had to give in and take him out of the crib. At this point I was ready to give up for the night so we came back out to the living room and I tried to nurse him but he just wanted to play. So Hans played with him and he finally hit his melt down point and I nursed him again. When he fell asleep I put him back in the crib with NO problems!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will last at least a few hours and maybe this will be our turning point to getting him back to napping and sleeping in his crib!!

My picture for the day today is of Jacob playing IN his new toy box. Kim thought that it would be funny to put him in it with his toys. He really liked it as you can tell from the picture!

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