Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5 of 52 weeks in Pictures!

Hi! This weekend has been a fun one! Friday night we went to an Aces game with Megan and Mike. It was a GREAT game! There was a huge fight at the end of the game that ended in 3 Aces players being suspended and 7 of the other teams guys being suspended as well as both coaches! Saturday night I really wanted to go to the second game in the series since Friday's game was so good, but Hans was at work and everyone else that I called couldn't I packed up Jacob and we went! I took the camera along and got some great pictures! He LOVES going to the games and cheers right along with everyone else! At Aces games, we ring cow-bells and he loves to ring 2 of them at a time!

Here are some pictures that I put together if him from last nights game! We have him wear the head phones to help protect his ears due to the noise in the arena. When we score, for horns are blown and are really loud, plus all the cheering and cowbells makes it for one loud place. He has been wearing them since he was 2 weeks old, so he is used to them.

Hans should *fingers crossed* hear back from the job in South Dakota early this week! They had to postpone the final decision as they had to reschedule one of the final interviews to last Friday thus pushing back the decisions until next week. I really hope that we will have good news in the next few days!

Today while Jacob was napping, I finished up some Valentines Day cards for some family members. If you would like to see pictures head on over to my crafting blog!

Hope ya all have a great week!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Friday...well a little late!

Hi! What a week it has been! Jacob is still on meds to clear up his ear infection. We had to do a med change mid week do to the side effects of the other med that he was on. Unfortunately he isn't a big fan of taking the new med and fights me tooth and nail when it is time to take it.

Yesterday (Thursday) we had a playdate with one of my friends Christie and her 2 little girls! It was the first time that we were able to meet up with her and meet her youngest daughter M who is 3 months! Then last night Jacob went over to Megan and Mikes' house to play while Hans and I had a movie date! (Thanks again guys!) We went to the new theater and watched "No strings Attached". It was a great movie and we had a great time. Then tonight we went to the Aces game with Megan and Mike and the Aces won 5 to 4! It was a very physical game. The first period had lots of stoppages due to fights and penalty's that we thought the game was going to take until midnight to finish! Thankfully it didn't and it ended just before 10. There was however a big fight after the final buzzer that will end up with some players being suspended and fined! Poor Hans has to work tomorrow night and Sunday and will not be able to go to the next 2 games where they will be playing the same team. He will just have to listen to the games on his radio. I am thinking about going as I am sure that they will be very good games!

Tomorrow, we have another play date with my friend Jennifer and her son Stephen.We are meeting at a local indoor play place and then coming here for lunch. Stephen and Jacob get along so well and enjoy playing together, and Jennifer and I like to get together and chat!

Today I finally did something that needed to be done.....I cleaned out Jacob's toy box! I have never went through his toys and pulled out the more babyish items. It so needed to be done due to his toys taking over our place really badly. I plan on taking the toys that we are willing to part with to our local used kids store and selling them!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 4 of 52 weeks in Pictures!

Hi! What a week it has been around here! On Wednesday Jacob started going to a new daycare/preschool for 5 1/2 hours a day! He is really enjoying being able to play with other kids his age and it gives me time to be able to get my work done, so it really is a win win situation. On Thursday, Jacob finished his antibiotics for the sinus infection that he had. However on Friday I noticed the runny nose came back, and then he started to spike a fever at night, so today we went back to the pediatricians (yes they are open on Sundays!) and he now has an ear we are now on a new med for another 10 days. I really hope that this med takes care of the bugs and he gets back to normal here soon!

Hans is still waiting to hear back from the job in South Dakota that he interview for last week. They should get back to him by Tuesday hopefully!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have started another blog for just my crafts! I am really excited about all the fun stuff that have been making and now have a place to showcase it all. I have really gotten into reading other craft blogs, so that is what gave me the inspiration to create it! If you would like to check it out the address is:

Now for the pictures of the week!
Jacob thought that it was funny to suck on his big toe.....
 He loves to pay in the bathroom....however look at his legs...he found his shorts from his PJ's and put them on over his pants.
 But Mom...I want to watch Barney for the 32134646 time today!
 OK that's it....I am just going to sleep right here!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Blog!

Hi All!

I have decided to create another blog for my crafts only! I have been reading a ton of scrap-booking and crafting blogs the past week or so and it inspired me to create a blog that is dedicated to just crafts! If you would like to follow that blog as well please do! The address is . I will be updating this blog with family oriented activities and the other with anything crafty that I do!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 3 of 52 weeks in Pictures!

Hi everyone! This past week has been pretty busy and COLD around here. Today it was a chilly -2 when I left for Church this morning and -6 when I was on my way home tonight from getting my hair cut! I totally need an auto start in the van. I tried to convince Hans that we need to get one as I really miss having one (I had one in my Trailblazer.)

Jacob is getting better after being under the weather the past couple of weeks. I took him to the pediatrician on Monday and he is on meds for a sinus infection, and thankfully they are working! Hans received a job offer from North Dakota, but has since turned the job down after having time to read over the offer and us talking about it. We decided that it just wasn't the job for him. He also had a interview on Wednesday via the phone with a company in South Dakota. He felt that it went really well and they said that they would get back to him in 7 to 10 days. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for that job!

This evening Jacob and I went over to Megan and Mike's house to see their new dog! She is a really good puppy! Jacob and her got along pretty well.

Picture time!
Being just like Mommy! 
 Baby it's cold outside!
 Jacob getting to pet the new doggy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 Review in pictures!

I know this is a little late, but here it is!
January: Football time with Dad!
 February: Trip to Grandma's in AZ
 March: Disney World!!!

 April: Jacob turns 1!
 May: Nice Alaska swinging at the park!
 June: Daddy turns 26...
 Reading with Oma.....
 and Fathers Day with Daddy and Boppy!
 July: Oma and Boppy move to Colorado :(....
 But we go camping for the first time as a family!
 And then go camping again in Homer, Alaska a few weeks later!
 Daddy also gets Jacob's foot prints put on his back!
 August: Mommy turns 26, and Grandma and Aunt Sara visit us!

 September: My Great Nephew Alanzo joins the world!
 And we have our Christmas Card family picture taken! Mommy and Daddy also celebrate their 4th wedding Anniversary!
 November: Jacob and Mommy go Visit Oma and Bobby in CO (and other family!)

 December: Christmas at Grandma's in Arizona!
Looking back we had a very good year! We had lots of travels last year that we enjoyed greatly!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vacation booked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In October, Hans and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! I have been kicking around the idea of us going on a trip to celebrate. We both enjoy cruises (we have been on 2) and we have the itch to go on another. Without telling him, I have been looking into them and found one that I really liked. I got all the way to the purchase screen and then asked for his opinion. He liked the one that I picked out, but is hesitant due to him changing jobs and not knowing if he will have the leave time available. I asked him if he would be up to booking it if the cruise line still had the cancellation policy that would refund all the deposit up until the "pay by date". He said as long as this was still in effect that we could go ahead and book!!! I called to verify that if we needed to cancel, we would receive the $500 deposit back and we would as long as we cancel by August 2nd!

We will be cruising on the Carnival Legend for 7 beautiful days! We are leaving out of Tampa, FL and will be stopping at Cozumel Mexico,  Belize, Isla Roatan, and Grand Cayman! We are NOT taking Jacob, as this is a mommy and daddy trip! We plan on leaving him with either Hans parents, or my mom (we will let them fight over who gets him for the week!)

I am so excited...October can't get here soon enough! I really hope that we don't have to end up canceling this as we are both looking forward to it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2 of 52 weeks in pictures!

I know I am a day late, but it has been a crazy few days around here. Jacob is still sick :( I took him to the doctor today and he has a sinus infection and is now on antibiotics. So hopefully we will be back to normal soon. Because he is sick he has been such a pill. I have never seen him throw so many tantrums in such a short amount of time. God help us when the "terrible two's" come around!

Here is my picture of the week! Hope you like it! (and a extra because I love how my friend Megan is looking at Jacob!)  

 Playing in my snow boots can wear a boy out!
"Auntie" Megan and Jacob!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eek! Only 100 days until Jacob's 2nd birthday!

This morning when I opened my internet and my home page came up it is one of the baby websites that I used to chat on a lot. One of the things that it has in the corner is how many days until your child's next birthday. Well this morning it says 100 days! I can't believe that Jacob will be 2 so soon. One part of me wants to start planning a party, but the other part of me knows that I need to wait as we should be moved by then and I have no idea where we will be living and how big of a party we will be able to have for him.

The past few days we have been a house with a sick toddler, and a mommy in pain. On Tuesday I had some dental work done and am still in pain from it. :( The dentist finally called me in some pain meds yesterday and they worked wonders last night. Jacob on the other hand spiked a fever last night and I was up with him from 2:30 am until about 4 trying to get his fever to break. If finally did and we went back to bed until about 10:30am.

Today if things work out the way I had planned them, I will be starting on some new cards. We have Oma's birthday next week, then our twin niece turn 1 the first week of February, our second oldest niece Emma turns 5, and our oldest niece Kaylee turns 18 in February. Then of course there is Valentines day and I want to send all the nieces and nephew a valentines day card. And if I have the extra time I would like to make up some card and send them to They collect cards for different holidays and send them to kids in hospitals that are sick!

On the job search front.....we are still in limbo. Hans was offered a job from one company, and has an interview with another company on Wednesday. He is holding off making his final decision if he wants to take the offered job until after having the interview for the other. So we may know as soon as next week if we are moving soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hair cut!

Jacob has been in the need of a hair cut lately. The problem is that he doesn't really sit still if I take him to get his hair cut, so I end up paying for a crappy cut. Before our trip I bought a clipper set and was going to buzz off his hair. However after multiple people telling me that I shouldn't do that, I should just trim the areas that were long I took advantage of him playing in the bathroom sink (one of his favorite things to do!). Yesterday he was in the bathroom as I was getting ready and he actually was allowing me to comb his hair. I realized that he was being so still, so I grabbed my hair cutting scissors and went to town. There are a few areas that don't quite look professional, but that is ok because I am not one! My mom asked me if I put a bowl on his head, and I did not (it appears that I did due to some of the pictures and the length of his hair.)

Before cut :) 

After cut :) 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 1 of 52 weeks in pictures!

I have decided that I am going to do a picture of the week for the year in an attempt to increase my blogging. I figured a 365 would be a big jump, but posting at least once a week is a much easier start! My goal is to post a picture each Sunday of something that happened during the prior week. I received a new camera for Christmas, and can't wait to use it as much as possible.

This is Hans and me (please excuse my attire, Jacob ended up sick and by this point I had been puked on about 5 times and was running out of clothes) Our friends Autumn and her boyfriend Daniel on New Years Eve in Las Vegas!

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that it is already 2011! We have had a very busy month with the holidays and traveling. I will post more about it later!