Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kohl's trip!

On Tuesday we headed out to Kohl's to get some much needed items! When we got there, I noticed that they now carry Big and Tall clothes! (We don't have many places that carry big & tall up here, so when I find a place that I can get clothes for Hans makes me like that store even more!) We found him some new work shirts and then headed over to the bedding section as we needed to get a new set of sheet. To our surprise when we got to that section the sheets were on sale buy one get one free! So we picked out two sets and continued our way over to pick out some new gym shoes for me and then some workout clothes. After we checked out, I said to Hans "the only thing that would have made this trip nicer was if they had Kohl's cash going on." Well we got home and while we had been gone, I received a email from them saying that Kohl's cash started the next morning! So I called the store and asked them if there was any way that I could get credit for my almost $350 purchase (as that would be $60 in KC). The lady that I spoke with told me oh this happens all the time, just bring the items back and we will return them and then resell them to you! She also told me to make sure that I brought a 15% off coupon with me as I could also reuse it!

So on Thursday night we headed back to the store to return and re-buy our items.....After ringing everything up and being short we realized that when we had checked out on Tuesday we were charged twice for an item, so after fixing that we were able to then start re-ringing up our items. Well the sheets sale had changed, but get this....they were now more on sale than they had been before! We ended up paying $10 less for them than we did 2 nights before. Not only were they cheaper, but so was everything else except my shoes.

So after everything was said and done, we left Kohl's with the same amount of items but $50 cheaper and with $60 in Kohl's cash!!!! As we were walking out, Hans turned to me and said jokingly "You want to come back in 2 days and see how much more we can get back?" I laughed at him :).

So now you know, if you buy something from Kohl's and they start a promotion soon after that, take it back and get the better deal!

Happy Friday!

Today was a pretty good day! Jacob went to Mrs. Jamie's house and then Oma picked him up for the afternoon so that I could work all day. I made the decision yesterday to hire someone to come and help me with one of my work projects and within 20 minutes of posting the position on my local moms group I had a call from one of the moms that was willing to take on the challenge! She came over to my office today and I showed her what needed to be done! As soon as I posted asking for someone to come help, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

This morning, I got up and headed to the gym to have my personal training session with Melissa. Today she was going to bring my personal plan that she was working on that is specific for my goals. I will be alternating working upper body and lower body with her (each workout includes core). Today we did upper body and let me tell you it felt great! There was one exercise that she had me do that I did tell her she was torturing me...but that was ok, as that is what I need to get my butt in gear and into shape!

This evening Hans had to work (and was able to work some overtime! $$!) so we are just having a relaxing evening. I am not to sure what we will be doing for the weekend as Hans has to work. I am sure that at some point Jacob and I will go spend some time with Hans parents as they are leaving for good a week from Monday. :( I have a feeling that we will be spending a lot of then next week with them, which is fine with me! I know that I will really miss them and all our Sunday dinners that we have shared over the past 6 years.

I noticed that I forgot to list in my last post what I was able to do in my fitness test that Melissa had me do on Wednesday. She will retest me every month to see how I am doing and to make sure that I am improving.

She tested me on:

Push-ups - I had to do as many in 1 min and I did 18
Crunches - I had to do as many in 1 min and I did 23 or 25 (I can't remember)
Squats - I had to do them until I felt fatigue - I did 25
She then checked my balance. I was able to stand on my right foot for 1:32 and on my left for 1 min.

Here are some pictures that we took last night and tonight....

The next 3 pictures are of Jacob in one of my new work-out shirts. He pulled it out of the bag and got it on! He thought that he was hot stuff running around the living room in it, so we couldn't help but pull out the camera!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Working Out Update

A couple weeks ago I talked about starting to work out with a trainer (Melissa). Well because I got shingles, I had to cancel until they went away and my trainer came back from vacation. So my first meeting with her was yesterday, and my first work out was today.

Yesterday we went over my goals, what I am looking for in a trainer, what her expectations of me will be and then she took all my measurements. My initial goal is to loose 20 pounds in the next 20 weeks. She said that I need to set realistic goals and this was a really good one. My overall goal is to loose somewhere between 35 and 40 pounds.

My starting stats are as follows:
Height: 5ft 4in (on a good day!)
Weight: 184
Chest: 41.25 in
Waist: 41.5 in
Hip: 47.75 in
Bicep: 14 in
Thigh: 24 in
Calf: 15 in

Melissa will measure me every month, so I will keep you updated on how I am doing! I really hope that this is the start to a healthier life style, not only for me but for our entire family. Not only will I be working out, but I also have to track my food intake on line, which is really interesting and amazing so far. It has amazed me how fast calories can add up thought the day. Today I thought that I was making a health lunch and was quite surprised at what I found out later when I put it in my food log.

I don't have my "before" picture downloaded yet off my camera, but once I do I will upload one (I would do it now, except I have a sleeping baby on me!).

Happy Belated Fathers Day!

On Sunday, Hans had to work so we celebrated once he was off work. We grilled at his parents house and then gave both him and his dad their presents. It was a fun and relaxing day and both Hans and Mark enjoyed their presents. I was not able to see or talk to my dad on Sunday because he is on vacation in Japan so we will celebrate with him once he returns.

Here are some pictures of the Men on Fathers Day!

This was from Hans mom to him....the joke about it is Jacob in in a car in the picture and Hans is a loan officer for autos. He thought it was really cute and it is now on his desk at work. :)

To are an amazing father and husband. I hope that you truly enjoyed your day (even if you did have to work). We are very proud of you for working full time, going to school full time, and for time to spend with your family on a daily basis. Your help is appreciated more that we can ever express! Thank You again for being such a great hubby and daddy! Love Jacob and Samantha

Monday, June 21, 2010

A really new look!

I know that I changed the look of the blog not to long ago, however after having it that way for a little while I realized that I didn't love it and set out looking for something else. That is when I came across Jumping Jax Design. After looking at Becca's work (I have also seen some of it, because she is one of the moms on my mom chat sites) I knew right away that she could create something that I would just love, and let me tell you I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! All I had to do was fill out a questionnaire and she started working on it then next day!

So please let me know what you think of the new look, and if you like it take a look at her site!

Monday, June 14, 2010


So this week has turned out to be a crappy one. On Thursday I woke up in a lot of pain. I had been trying to ignore this pain in my groin/hip area all week, but now it was pretty bad and I realized that I needed to go to the doctor, so I called up my doc's office and was able to get an appointment in the afternoon. I believed at this point that the pain was coming from swollen lymphnoids (sp?).

I went in and went over all my info with the nurse. She asked me if I had been sick, had anything that I could think would be causing the lynphnoids to be inflamed and swollen. I told her that I can't think of anything other than I have been fighting some allergies and had some bug bites on my lower back. She didn't think that it was either of those, but said that the provider would be in. Well my provider came in and took one look at the swollen area and then at my "bug bites" and said don't have bug bites, you have shingles. WHAT??? I asked her how in the world do you get shingles and she informed me that it is basically the adult version of chicken pox. She said that you can only have them if you have had chicken pox in the past. She said that this would be the reason that I had swollen lymphnoids and said that I would be in for a few more days and possibly weeks of pain as shingles are VERY painful. She gave me an order for a RX to clear them up and sent me on my way. I then headed straight over to Jacob's pediatrician to find out if we should bring him in to get the chicken pox vaccine as he has not had it yet (they recommend it being given around 18 months). Because of the possibility that I could give him chicken pox they said for us to bring him in the next day and they would give him the vaccine. So on Friday morning, Hans took him over and he is now vaccinated!

Because of my pain and possibility of being contagious, I had to cancel my first work-out with my trainer. :(. The trainer that I will be working out with is on vacation for the next week, so I will now have my first training session a week from Tuesday. I think that it will be for the best as I am still having pain from the shingles and definitely don't have my normal level of energy.   

Today was Hans' work's company picnic. He had to work, so I was invited by our friend Brooke to bring Jacob. This morning when I woke up (Jacob let us sleep in today!) I wasn't feeling all that great and was thinking about not going. Well then Jacob and I took a 2.5hour nap together and both woke up hungry! So I figured that we would head on down to the picnic and eat some free food! We ended up staying for about an hour, but had a great time when we were there. We ate some good food and then walked around. I took Jacob into the petting zoo pen and also had his hair done at the crazy hair booth. He didn't really like having his hair colored, but it was really cute! Here are some pictures from today!

When we were walking back to the car, I noticed that Jacob kept bending down and touching the ground. At first I couldn't figure out what he was doing....then I realized that he was trying to touch his shadow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A new look!

So as you can see I have changed the look of the blog! I really like it, but am having some trouble finding a banner that I like that will go with the page. So if you are a creative person and would like to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!

Since my last post, my wonderful hubby Hans celebrated his birthday! He turned 26 on Sunday. We had dinner at his parents house last Friday night with some family friends. We also had dinner with his parents on his birthday as it was Sunday and that is more of a family tradition to eat over on Sundays.

I not only felt like it was time for a change here, but also for me! I have been telling myself for the past 6+ months that it is time to get off my butt and start working out. I have more than lost my pregnancy weight (I only gained 4 lbs due to hyperemesis) but I still have the 40 or so pounds that I have put on since graduating high school 8 (OMG!) years ago. I have tried gym memberships in the past, weight watchers, curves, and most recently the wii fit. The problem is that I have no accountability and the couch ends up calling my name along with a bowl of ice-cream. So today I changed all that and went to a new gym that more specializes in you working with a personal trainer. It is expensive but totally worth getting me on the correct track and hopefully into shape and on my way to a healthier lifestyle. I know that it will be a tough challenge, but I am up for it! I will have Hans take a before picture of me and will make sure to post it along with some updates along the way.

Jacob is now completely walking all the time! He is getting so big and more independent everyday. He loves the chair that Oma (Diane) sent home with us last week. It is the chair that he always enjoyed playing on when over at her house. It is so hard to believe that in under a month they will be moved out of the state. :( We are so going to miss them (since it is Hans' parents) so much! Their house is starting to look so empty when I was there today. The only main room that is fully left to pack is their kitchen. I know that the closer that we get to their departure date the harder it is going to get for us. Diane realized when we were celebrating Hans birthday the other day that he was the first person to have a birthday in the house (his 3rd) and he will also be the last.

Ok well it is time for me to head to bed......I will try and get up some before pictures of me when I start with the personal trainer.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Pictures!

Back when Jacob was born we bought a photo package from the photographer that took our wedding photos. We had 3 sessions, the first when Jacob was around 10 days old, then around 6 months and then last month! I went out to Dan's studio Bending Birch Photography tonight to check out Jacob's 1 year photos and pick what ones I wanted. He takes such wonderful pictures and I always have a hard time picking the pictures that I want in print. He knows this, so tonight he sold me the rights and put all the pictures on a CD for me!!!!! When we went out for the photo shoot a few weeks ago, Hans had to work and we had already rescheduled twice so unfortunately this time we didn't get any family pictures, but we did get some great pictures of Jacob and then some of Jacob and me! So without further nonsense here are the pictures!