Monday, October 19, 2009

6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that Jacob is 6 months old already!!!! Hanzy had to work, so Jacob and I stayed home all day. I had some homework to get done, but Jacob had some other ideas. I think that the teeth that he is getting are about to come through so his mouth was bothering him. He only wanted to sleep on me which made doing my homework harder, but I was finally able to get it all done and turned in.

We have had a busy weekend. Jacob, Hans and I went to the Aces game on Friday and then Jacob, Brooke and I went to the Aces game last night. He did great! The ear protectors that I bought for him don't even bother him. He even falls asleep during the game.

This week is going to be another busy one and a exciting one. Auntie Jessica's 30th birthday is tomorrow, then Wednesday is our 3rd wedding anniversary. Diane is watching Jacob so that Hans and I can go out to dinner. It is also the day that Jessica and Caleb find out the sex of the twins!! (I am crossing my fingers for one boy and one girl, but will be excited no matter what!!)

I will post some pictures later. I have a sleeping baby in may arms at the moment.

On top of all that is going on, tomorrow starts my week 2 of my final set of classes! They are proving to be harder and with both Hans and I in class we are having to figure out how to balance our work/schoolwork/Jacob and both getting in enough study/homework time as well as spending time with Jacob. However I will be done in just 8 short (or some days long) weeks. I am also looking forward to graduation while we are on vacation next month.

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