Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where did the last month go?

So I realize that I am not that good at keeping this blog up. But all I can say is that I try! The past month has been a busy one! I will try and recap the past month's events!

Jacob turned 1!!!!! His birthday was so fun! We had a nice little party for him! He is enjoying playing with all his new toys that he received from friends and family.

Here is Jacob and Boppy!
Jacob and daddy...

The birthday cake Oma made! 

Jacob and mommy

Family picture / singing happy birthday

Since Jacob's birthday, we have been a busy family. He started going to a new daycare lady for 5 hours a day so that I can get word done. I thought leaving my job and opening my own business would allow me to keep Jacob with me full time, but I was so wrong! So we found a very nice lady that can take care of him so that I get some work done and my clients stay happy! It has been working to very well and Jacob loves to play with her daughter. 

This past Friday, Hans finished his spring semester of school! He only has the fall semester and he will be done! He also has to take one class over the summer, but that should be pretty easy. He is going to contact the placement department and find out if he has to wait until the fall semester starts to applying for jobs, or if he can start now. It would be really nice if he could start now as that would give us that much more time to know where we will be moving to. The hardest part about us moving for his work is not knowing where we are going! His feeling based on where the larger power companies are located is the mid-west or the south. We would prefer the mid-west....but will go wherever he gets a job.
Last Friday night we had a date night with our friends Megan and Mike. Jacob spend the evening with his boppy while we went out to a new restaurant Dish Sushi. I don't like sushi so I had chicken, but the food was really good. Hans and Mike both ordered sushi rolls and really liked them. Mikes did come with some fish eggs on top but according to him and Hans they didn't taste bad at all. We then went neon bowling and had a good time with that. It was so nice to have a night not having to worry about Jacob. We will not be able to have a night like that again for a long time with Megan and Mike as Megan has to leave next weekend for work for 8 weeks. :( I don't know what I am going to do without her here. I will be one lonely woman.....but at least it is only for 8 weeks and then she will be back! 

Today Jacob and I have just been hanging out while Hans is at work. We are going over to Mark and Diane's for dinner with Mark as Diane is down in Colorado. She will be back at the end of the week and then they will really start the big push to get packed as they are moving on July 5th. We are going to miss them so much. It will be so weird not to have them across town to go and have dinner with or for Jacob to go over and play. Mark will be back at the end of August as he will be commuting back and forth from Colorado until the end of the year when he will be retiring. 

Oh yes before I forget......Jacob has started to take some steps!!!!!!! I recorded him for a couple minutes and here is the video! Today when we were leaving to go to Costco, he walked while holding my hand from our apartment to the elevator and then to the van! When we got home he walked from the van to the elevator and then to our apartment also while holding my hand! I was so shocked at how well he did! 


  1. What an awesome birthday cake! I love the video. I think he noticed the camera and started to show off ;-)!

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