Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Pictures!

Back when Jacob was born we bought a photo package from the photographer that took our wedding photos. We had 3 sessions, the first when Jacob was around 10 days old, then around 6 months and then last month! I went out to Dan's studio Bending Birch Photography tonight to check out Jacob's 1 year photos and pick what ones I wanted. He takes such wonderful pictures and I always have a hard time picking the pictures that I want in print. He knows this, so tonight he sold me the rights and put all the pictures on a CD for me!!!!! When we went out for the photo shoot a few weeks ago, Hans had to work and we had already rescheduled twice so unfortunately this time we didn't get any family pictures, but we did get some great pictures of Jacob and then some of Jacob and me! So without further nonsense here are the pictures!

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