Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Update

Well once again I have not updated this blog the way I should be....sorry readers! To catch you up on the happenings in The Sickles Family since my last post.

On July 5th, Hans' parents Mark and Diane (AKA Oma and Boppy) pulled out and left Alaska for Colorado. :( The same day their house was listed for sale. Their realitor told them to not expect the house to move fast because the market has been flat here in Anchorage. (I kept telling them that I thought that it would go fast because it is a great house, in a great location etc.) Well on the 11th (yes just 6 days later) they had an offer in on the house! Since they were still on the Alaska Highway driving through Canada the offer came to Hans and I and we got in touch with them to give the details of the offer. They were actually going to be making it into the States that night, so they went to a RV park that had internet and looked at the offer. After a counter offer was drawn up and presented to the buyers, they accepted and the house is now under contract and is set to close on August 13! I am so excited for them and that their house doesn't have to sit on the market for months and months.

On July 8th Megan came home from being in Kodiak for 6 weeks for work. I missed her so much and am so happy for her to be home! We went out for dinner the night she came home, and then went to see her and Mike's new condo, and boy oh boy is it nice! I know that they already really love it and it was worth the move while she was gone.

On July 9th, Hans, Megan, Mike, Jacob and I all went camping down at the Kasilof River (this is down by the Kenai River). We left on Friday afternoon and made the 3 hour drive down to the campground. This was going to be our one true test of camping with Jacob, as we were tenting it! We got there and started to set up, and then the rain started to fall :(. Once Megan and Mike got to the campground and got their tent set up we sent the guys back into Soldotona to buy a canopy to put over the picnic tables so that we at least had a place to sit and eat out of the rain. Thankfully shortly after they left the rain stopped and Megan and I were able to get dinner started. The rain came back multiple times that night, thus making it a little on the cold side in the tent. I am so tankful that I packed one of Jacob's heavier blankets along with the sleeping bags. While we were camping, Jacob got his first ride on my bike with his new seat! He really enjoyed it once we got him in and situated.

Please excuse the sweatpants....they were warm!

The main reason to go down to the Kasilof was for the boys to dipnet for salmon. They headed to the beach around 4 am to catch the incoming tide. However after a few hours they came back empty handed. They went back out Saturday mid-day when Megan, Jacob and I all tagged along to the beach with them. However this time also didn't produce any fish as it seams that run of fish was running late. So with that we packed up and headed back to the campground and Hans, Jacob and I packed up our stuff and headed home. Megan and Mike stayed Saturday night and were still not successful with catching any fish. Even with returning with an empty cooler, we still had a good time and have some great memories....well except for me burning my finger and getting a blister it was a good trip.

Hans is on the left and Mike is on the Right as you are looking at the picture.

Jacob trying to take off with the Dipnet

Jacob playing in the sand! 

Megan's birthday was the 15th (Happy Birthday Megan!) and we went out to dinner with her and Mike (Jacob went to the baby sitters!). We went to a wine bar Crush that Megan really wanted to try. Hans and I are not wine drinkers, so we enjoyed other drinks, but the food was absolutely fabulous! We were all glad that we didn't try and take Jacob with us as it was a pretty small restaurant. After dinner we went to a little bakery type place for desert and man oh man was that good as well!

My Nana came up to visit on the 12th. She lives in Florida, and comes up to Alaska every summer. Even with her coming in the summer, she is still freezing every year. This past Saturday I took her with me to my niece Kaylee's baby shower. We had a good time, and she got lots of presents!

This picture has 4 generations in it! My Nana, Dad, me and Jacob! 
My Niece Kaylee with Jacob

Nana with her Great Granddaughter! Kaylee's son will be Nana's first Great Great grandchild!

This coming weekend, Megan's parents will be up visiting from Minnesota and her dad Walt, Hans and Mike will all be going out on a Halibut charter out of Ninilchik (just outside of Soldotna). So on Friday we will all make our way down to the area where we are staying in a cabin! Yea for not tent camping!!!!!

Well that about catches everyone up on all the happenings of the Sickles Family....I will try and update once we are back from our weekend with pictures and an account of all our fun!

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