Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big update!

Since my last post (yea I realize it has been awhile!) We have had lots happen. My mom and youngest sister Sara, along with Sara's best friend Erika and her mom all came up to AK for a week in August. We had a blast while they were here as Jacob and I ended up playing tour guide while my mom got some work done. While they were here, we also went to the Alaska State Fair and had a great time there even if it was raining most of the time. After everyone went home, Hans, Jacob and I went back to the fair for a family day and had a blast. While we were there we went to a free concert for a local singer and Jacob LOVED it! he kept trying to go up by/on the stage and was dancing along to the music. The singer (Hobo Jim) even came off the stage at one point and knelt down and played his guitar down at Jacob's level for a few minutes!

Come September, my Niece Kaylee had her son Alanzo on the 2nd! He is such a precious little guy!
(Proud Great-Aunt with my brand new Great Nephew!)

The next big thing that has happened is Hans was contacted back from a job he applied for in Pennsylvania. They had him take a test online, and after passing that they had us go there! So on September 5th, we started our trip down to PA. We had a 12 hour layover (we planned it that way) in Seattle and then continued on down. We arrived just after midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, we had a very nice tour of the area with a local realitor and then went and walked the mall. On Wednesday Hans had to take a 4 hour long test starting at 8am, and then had his in person interview at 3. Then we headed back to Seattle on Thursday for our prior planned vacation for Hans' grandmothers 90th birthday. 

While we were in Seattle, we drove down to the Portland area and went to a Brad Paisley concert! It was quite the event! There was a total of 6 artists and it lasted 7 hours! We got our moneys worth for that concert! Plus we were in row 15, so we had fantastic seats. :) 

Hans parents also came to Seattle for the birthday party, so we got to see Oma!!!!! Jacob was so excited when he first saw her! We also got to see a lot of family from Hans' dad's side of the family that he has not seen since he was around 10 and that I have never met. We then spent Sunday and Monday having fun shopping and enjoying Pike Place Market until it was time to come home. 

Now that we are home, Hans had one last part of the interview process with the company in PA and that took place this morning. We are hoping that we will hear back from them by Friday to know if he got the job. If he does get it, then his start date would be around the 1st of November! We really liked the area, so wouldn't mind moving there. 

Jacob is doing great, and getting so big. While we were flying, he kept wanting to sit in his own seat and put the seat belt on. Thankfully on all but 2 flights there was extra seats so he was able to have his own. Tonight I took him for another hair cut as he was starting to look a little shaggy. He did ok, not as good as the last time, but we got the job done and no one got hurt. 

So like I said, we are now just hurrying up and waiting to find out if we need to start packing or if the job hunt will continue. Hans would prefer to find out sooner rather than later, but that is also because there is a lot of planning to go into moving so far and kind of quickly.

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