Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Picking fun!

Tonight we had a great time going out to a local pumpkin patch! I have never been to one since they are not that popular in AK so this was a great new adventure for all of us! Jacob had a blast walking through the patch trying to pick up all the pumpkins. :) He was so cute stopping at one and trying to pick it up, and then saying help get it! He was able to find 2 small ones that he could carry and brought them home along with 2 larger ones.

The beautiful pumpkin patch!

We had a great time, and I am looking forward to making this a yearly tradition!

Now for an update!

Tomorrow our kitchen update will be completed! We order new cabinets in late August that match our current ones and they have finally come in. So tomorrow the installation company will be out all day to do the install. I am really looking forward to having an actual pantry cabinet in the kitchen!

Next week Thursday, after Hans' is off work we will start our drive down to his parents house in CO to drop Jacob off for the week that we are on our anniversary cruise trip! I am so ready to be on a vacation that we are completely unplugged! I know that I will miss Jacob while we are gone, but we are so ready to have a vacation that is just us! We will get to Mark and Diane's on Friday and then we fly to Tampa on Saturday. Then Sunday we board our cruise ship and sale away for 7 glorious days to the Western Caribbean! Then once we fly back to CO, we will start the drive back home that same day since Hans has to leave that Monday night for a class for work for the remainder of the week. So needless to we have a busy October!

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