Sunday, September 11, 2011

We will never forget

I know that I haven't posted in awhile, but I would first like to pay tribute to the men and women who lost their lives 10 years ago today due to a horrible terrorist attack on our Country.

9-11 is the first large even in my life that someone can ask me "Where were you when it happened?" and I can tell them from my own memory where I was and what I was doing. Because of the time difference between NY and Alaska (4 hours) I first heard about the attack when my alarm went off for me to get up in the morning for school. I have just started my Senior year in high school. I am a avid snoozer when it comes to waking up in the morning, so I didn't even think twice when my alarm when off that morning. After laying in bed thinking to myself, I didn't just hear what I think I heard, no it couldn't be I must have been dreaming it. I waited for my alarm to go back off and sure enough the DJ was still talking about the first plane hitting the tower. At this point, I jumped out of bed, ran and turned on the TV. I then went and woke up my mom and we watched in horror as the second plane hit the second tower. I remember sitting there thinking that my life as I knew it had changed. I remember my mom wondering if she should send me to school  and I told her "mom, this is Palmer, Alaska there isn't anything here that anyone would want to blow up, I will be fine." She eventually agreed and I ended up going to school where my classmates and teachers huddled around the computers to listen to the news reports as we all watched the fateful events of that day.

On one hand, it is hard to believe that it has been 10 years, on the other it isn't. Time goes by in the blink of an eye. I still think about that day often, and am most touched by the song Alan Jackson wrote "Where were you when the World Stopped Turning"

OK now that I have said my piece about 9/11/01 onto our update!

First I am sorry I didn't update about this much earlier, but I actually didn't break my ankle! After my fall and ER trip, I went to the doctors for a follow-up that following Monday. They determined that it wasn't actually broken, I just tore the ligaments. This was great news as the healing time would be a lot quicker and I could be move from the big black walking boot cast and crutches to a air cast with no crutches! It has been pretty good and healing very well since then. I have has a few days that I have over done it with the walking (went to the State Fair and walked all day and it was hurting me a lot after that)

Since I did not break my ankle, I was able to go with Hans this weekend to Minneapolis! He had to go for a work conference and Jacob and I went to have fun! On Friday while Hans was busy all day, Jacob and I started our day off by going to the Zoo! We had a great time! The bears were pretty cool and were playing right at the glass so we got some cool pictures of them! Here is one of Jacob and I with the bear behind us!

After we left the Zoo, and Jacob decided that the nap in the van was good enough for him we went to the Mall of America to look around! We had fun looking at all the stores, and Jacob enjoyed being able to pick out some stuff at the Disney store! After the mall we drove out to our friends Megan's parents house to have dinner. Hans was not able to join us as he was still busy with his meetings. We really enjoyed having dinner with Walt and Terry and can't wait to be able to go back to visit them in the future.

On Saturday, Hans had stuff in the morning so Jacob and I just hung out in the hotel room playing on the computer and watching movies. Once Hans was done, we headed back over to the mall to do a little more shopping and looking around. Saturday night, Hans had a banquet to end his conference so he went to that, and Jacob and I went out to eat and then to go and find the craft stores!

Today we got up and packed up. We hit the road to make out 6 hour drive back home. We made a stop at the outlet mall to try and find some new clothes for Jacob as he is about to move up to 3T and we have nothing in that size! We lucked out and were able to get him almost everything he will need (at least for now) for just around a hundred bucks! I thought that was a pretty good deal!

This week I am really looking forward to the mom's group (MOPS) that I have found here in Huron to start up their regular meetings!

Another thing that I am looking forward to is our Anniversary cruise that leaves in 5 weeks from today!! I can't believe that it is only 5 weeks away!

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