Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lazy evening

Today Hans started his new classes! He is on his way to getting his electrical dispatchers degree. The way his classes work is he is in one at a time. So the one that he started today is 3 weeks long. He came home from work and we had dinner then he went right to work on his homework.

I picked Jacob up from Oma's today and she said that he didn't have a very good day. She thinks that his mouth was bothering him. We believe that he is teething due to the symptoms and how he is acting. Poor little guy. So because he was not in the best mood, we bypassed going to Sam's club and just came home. I made dinner and when Hans got home we ate. Then while Hans was doing his homework, Jacob and I have been just lounging around on the recliner. He keeps on wanting to nurse and will fall asleep. But as soon as I move an inch, he is back up and ready to go for a little bit. I tried to lay him down in the crib thinking that I had gotten him to fall into a deep sleep. But of course he woke up as soon as I laid him down he woke up. I let him lay in his crib and watched him from a distance. It was really funny and cool to watch him explore his crib. Since he will only sleep on his tummy, he pushed him self up and was looking all around. He was trying to grab at the Winnie-the-pooh's that are on the crib sheet! Once he realized that he couldn't grab them and put them in his mouth he scooted himself the other way and was looking all around. Then he finally flipped himself onto his back and was happy that way for a few minutes. While on his back he even managed to find his passifier and was trying really hard to pick it up from above his head and get it to chew on.

So now we are sitting here, Jacob and I as I am updating the blog and he should be going to sleep, but nope, he is sitting here filling his diaper! So on that note, we are off to go and change him and head to bed. Oh a on a good note, Hans did just fine driving today. Yes it was the 4 year mark after his accident, but it turned out to be a good day!

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