Monday, February 22, 2010


OK so I realize that I have not updated the blog in almost a month! Where has all the time gone???? Well to pick up where I left off....I never had to have my MRI. The day after it was postponed, I went to the dentist and they found a sinus infection all the way down to my jaw bone! They put me on some antibiotics and I have not had any dizzy spells since. However my blood work still was coming back abnormal and I have since had it redone 4 times and will have to repeat some of the labs when I get back home in late March. If nothing changes then the nurse told me that my doc will be referring me to an internal medicine doctor to see what they say.

On February 5th, Jessica delivered the twins! Jacob now has 2 more cousins! They spent some time in the NICU and are now at home. They are very beautiful and I can't wait until I can meet them in person!

On February 12th, I worked my last day at Alaska Women's Health. I love working there, but had to jump at the ability to work from home and be able to be with Jacob more. They had a very nice going away lunch for me. That night Hans, Jacob, Megan and I all watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics! They were so so so good!

On February 14th,  my friend Megan received the news that her brother Callen was killed in a snowboarding accident while on a ski trip with their dad in Michigan. Megan and Mike headed out on a plane to go back to Minnesota that night to be with her family in this very hard time. Callen was very loved and will be greatly missed by all that had the opportunity to meet him. They were able to keep his spirit going by donating his organs to help other people.

On February 18th, Jacob is now 10 months old!!!!!! I can't believe in just 2 short months my baby will be 1 years old!!! **Tear** I am bad and don't have his "I am 10 month old today" pictures yet, but will in the next few days and will post some then!

And that brings us to the current time. Yesterday my mom flew to Anchorage all to just turn around and fly back so that I didn't have to fly by myself with Jacob! So early this morning Jacob, my mom and I all boarded a plane to head to AZ. Jacob was so great on the flights, but melted down come the 3 hour drive to her house from Vegas. After 4 stops to calm him down / nurse him and me finally just pulling out the pump so that we could get back on the road he finally gave in and fell asleep about 30 minutes away from moms house. We arrived and Kim and Sara tried to go straight to Jacob but we intercepted them to try and keep him asleep. We were able to get the van all unloaded before having to move in out. That of course woke him up, which made his aunts very happy. I sat down after all this and fell right to sleep! Mom woke me up and told me to go and take a nap and I was out for close to 2 hours I think! I needed it! Tomorrow mom and I will get the scanner set up so I can get to work and do anything that we need to get done before she leaves Tuesday morning with Cathy (her MIL)! Then it will be Kim, Sara, Jacob and I here at the house until Hans comes for 5 days. Then once mom is off the cruise we will head to Walt Disney World! One of the first things that Sara told me when I got here was that we only have 20 days until we are there! I couldn't believe that it is that close to being here.

So that brings me current. I will be updating this more often I promise! I have many people who want to hear all about my fun vacation and time in the sun!

OK now it is time that I head off to bed!

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