Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MRI postponed

So my MRI that was schedule for today has been postponed until Thursday due to the MRI machine having some issues and not working properly. I also scheduled my abdominal ultrasound for my liver and gallbladder. Before scheduling this I called the hospital and a private ultrasound clinic to get prices and was quite shocked on the difference in price. The private clinic charges $465 and that includes the reading. The hospital charges $1300 and that does not include the reading! So I choose the private clinic as I know the ultrasound techs there as they are who my work contracts for the ultrasounds in our office. I have the ultrasound scheduled for 1pm on Thursday and then the MRI at 4:30 pm.

Jacob is still not feeling great, but he is wanting to play more, so that is a good sign! After dinner and bath time tonight he was quite tired and fell asleep on me and we snuggled together. I tried to put him down, but he would wake right back up and only sleep if I was holding him. I figured that he is still sick and there will be a day that he doesn't want to be held by his mommy so I enjoyed every minute of it. So while he was sleeping, I took this picture of the two of us!

For Christmas, we got him this toy that he can stand behind and push and learn to walk. We have tried a few times to put him behind it and have him stand/push it and he never really understood or was more interested in the toys on the front...well tonight he pushed it and took some steps with it!

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