Monday, March 1, 2010

Parenthood...the good, the bad, the ugly

Today has been a challenge for me. Not with Jacob, but with my sisters, in particular Kim. She is 15....that should be enough for anyone to understand. She still just sees me as the older sister and not the adult figure that mom left in charge while she is gone. It all kind of started yesterday. Kim suggested that we rent movies and order pizza and just have a fun night. I thought cool that sounds fun, we were all on board. We went and got movies, came home and ordered pizza. Ate in the living room while watching one of the movies. The movie ended and it was still only about 7ish and Kim announces that she is going to bed. I was like ummmm it is to early to go to bed and we still have movies to watch. She of course wasn't really going to bed, she just wanted to go into her room so she could call her boyfriend Dan (in Canada). Finally I just gave up and whatever, so she retreated to her room and Sara and I watched more movies until it was time to go to bed. Then today the day stared good, we all slept in some, Kim got up and made us breakfast and we went grocery shopping. Then this evening came and I asked her if she was going to make dinner (she cooks in order to get credit for school). She had an attitude and was like no it is the weekend, I don't cook. Thanks for telling me this now that it is dinner time! She then says that she isn't hungry anyways and will not be eating dinner tonight. I told her that she needed to start limiting her phone calls to Dan as she has spend most of her waking hours on the phone with him this weekend. (From 9pm Friday to 6am Monday she has unlimited calling and that includes Canada) I had to inform her that once I go home, we will be turning off the calling outside of AK as the only reason we did that was so that Hans and I could talk (she has a phone from us as our cell provider allows texting to Canada). After all this she saunters back to her room with COOKIES in hand after I had just finished telling her that since she was not going to eat dinner that she didn't need to be eating cookies! That just pissed me off to no end. I actually sent Hans a text asking him if we could easily cut her phone off. After talking to him about it we both decided that doing that would make things more stressful for me this week that I am here with them while mom is on her cruise.

After all this I don't know how my mom deals with it all the time! Besides this kind of behavior, both Kim and Sara bicker back and forth ALL.THE.TIME! It drives me bonkers!

OK vent over...onto the fun stuff.... :)

The other morning when I came home from dropping Sara off at school I took this picture of the sun rise. It was so pretty here!

Then on Friday night we went into the pool here at the house and Kim took these pictures of us! Jacob just loved the warm water. I kept him in his seat thing for awhile, and then took him out and he thought that it was the coolest thing in the world! 
So tomorrow starts a new week, that I am crossing my fingers goes good! I am really looking forward to the fact that Hans comes down on Wednesday and will be here until Sunday and then Mom comes back Monday night. We will then be here with mom until next Friday. Then we do the drive back to Vegas and Saturday morning (very early) we fly to Florida!! I can't believe how on one hand it feels like this trip is flying by, and the other it is crawling by. 

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