Friday, October 8, 2010

PFD Day!!!!

Today is the day that Alaskans love the most! Today is the day that we all woke up to have a nice little deposit of $1,281 each in our banks accounts from the State of AK! We are being smart with ours and they went directly into savings, but let me tell you stores are CRAZY from today and for the next few weeks as people get out and spend spend spend all that "free" money. I purposely stayed away from all stores today because I knew that they would be crazy.

Jacob had his first dentist appointment today! I have been wanting to get him in for just a check as he already has all but his 2 yr molars and they are actually already trying to come in. I had originally called the dentist office that I am a patient at and they said they don't start seeing kids until age 3. I then called a pediatric dentist that my younger sisters used to see and they too didn't want to see him unless he was having a problem until he is 2.5! the reason I want him checked is so that I know that he doesn't have any problems. So today I had my 1/2 yearly cleaning and I was talking to the hygienist and she said that they could see him as she has seen patients younger than 3. Then she asked me if I could bring him back in the afternoon as they had an opening.  So after picking Jacob up from daycare off to the dentists office we went. He did pretty good, they were able to get a good look, and he got a bag full of goodies! We both even got $30 gift cards from their referral program! The dentist told me that his teeth look great and to just keep brushing them 2 times a day. :)

I am really excited for the 17th as my sister Kim is coming to stay with us for a week. She is coming here to help me with a huge project that I have going on and need some extra help with. I have not seen her since Jacob and I stayed at my moms in February and went to WDW in March.

Hans' job search has been going good. He had a phone interview with a company in Baltimore earlier this week. He also received a email back from the company in PA stating that they made a mistake by sending him the email stating that he was no longer in the running and that he truly still is in the running and they will be making their decision the week of October 18th!

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week we had ACES HOCKEY!!!! We are very excited that the hockey season is back. These games were the preseason games where they paint the ice purple (the previous 3 years it has been pink) for cancer awareness. All the profits from the games went to the local Breast Cancer and one other cancer charity. We came to the realization that hockey games and Jacob are not going to be easy. He didn't want to sit in his seat, and would have much preferred to be able to go up and down the stairs constantly. It got so bad at Wednesday's game that we had to leave early. From now on I believe that we will be getting a baby sitter for the games that we go to.

I have finally downloaded the pictures from my camera from the last month and I will post some in the next few days! I have lots of pictures of some really cute cards that I have been making with the cricut!

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