Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8 of 52 Weeks in picures

Hi! This week has been a crazy one! We all are still trying to get over our sickness, and poor Jacob's is back to needing meds. I took him to the doctors today (Thank God for weekend hours!) and he has another ear infection - it was so bad that the puss has been backing up and coming out his tear duct! I was really glad to hear that he didn't have pink eye, but still grossed out that the green yuck was from his ear. He also has to have eye drops that he cares for as much as anyone would like a stick in the eye. He is also been fighting taking any oral meds, so we are going to have to try and figure out another way to get his meds into him without him spitting them all back out at us.

This week we got our new iphones.....well they were shipped to us, and then after 2 different people from Verizon customer service and tech support not being able to figure out how to get them to activate until they realized that they have to be on a Verizon tower to do so, I flew to Seattle and back on Wednesday just to get to an actual Verizon cell tower so our phones would start working! Thank God we had air miles, so it only cost us $10 for the ticket and a day of my time and now our phones work! I am so in love with my iphone! I am on it constantly (which may or may no be a good thing lol)

On Friday night, I tagged along with Megan and Mike to Denali Winery to make wine! It first started out with a wine tasting to pick what kind of wine we wanted to make. We had a great time, and our wine will be ready for us to come bottle in about 8 weeks. Unfortunately Megan and Mike will have moved to ND by then, so we will have to get it bottled for them and find a way to ship it to them. :) 

Yesterday was my oldest niece Kaylee's 18th birthday! I can't believe that she is already that old! I remember the day she was born :( Jacob and I were able to go over and visit her and her son at her dads house and eat dinner with them to celebrate her birthday. So in honor of her birthday, she will be my first picture!

Kaylee and her son Alanzo
 Kaylee and her dad Eric
 and one of Jacob!

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