Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 6 of 52 weeks in pictures!

Hi! Sorry I am a day late with this post. Jacob has been really sick since Thursday (thankfully he is better today!) However now Hans and I are both sick :(. 

On Thursday, I picked Jacob up from daycare and headed home. He would only nap if I was laying down with him, so mommy got a nap in to! When he woke up he was feeling pretty warm so I took his temp and it was around 102.8! After getting a dose of meds in him and eating some dinner I thought that he was doing OK as his fever came down....oh how wrong I was! Around 8 Hans was going to give him a bath and as I was undressing him he was shaking. Hans just thought that it was because I was getting him out of his clothes and ready for the bath. I noticed that his legs looked a little purplish. We went ahead and put him in the bath and he just sat there. If you know anything about toddlers, you will know that most love to play in the water, so for him to not want to be in the tub was a little weird. Hans realized that he didn't want to be in the tub, so quickly washed him up and took him out. As he was drying him off, Jacob started to violently shake. It was so frightening. At this point not only were his legs/feet purplish but so were his hands and arms. I started to call the after hours number for our pediatrician office when Hans told me to just call 911. About 5 minutes later the paramedics arrived and checked Jacob out. He was VERY warm to the touch, so the paramedics thought that he may have had a "fever" seizure. :( They advised that he needed to be seen at the ER, but said that he was stable enough for us to drive him if we so choose. We decided this was what we would do, so we packed up and headed to the ER.

When we arrived at the ER, they thankfully had no one waiting in the waiting room so were able to take us right back. After taking his vitals - his temp was up to 104.2 at this point - they took us right back to an exam bed and got a dose of Tylenol in him. The doctor came and talked to us and asked us a bunch of questions. He didn't think that Jacob had the seizure, but just shakes that can happen when you have a fever that high. He wanted to wait and just watch him and see how he did before ordering any tests. We waited for about an hour or so and they felt that he was ok to be sent home. Apparently there is no treatment for fever seizures, so even if that is what happened, there is no meds to give to stop them or correct them. If he did in fact have one, it doesn't make him more likely to have another or be more prone to a seizure disorder. They sent us home with a strict time table of when to give Tylenol and Motrin, and advised that we follow up with our pediatrician's office the following morning.

Throughout the night, his temp would spike back up around the time that he was due for the next dose of meds. I called the Pediatricians office in the morning and took him in the afternoon. After telling her all that happened, she told me "I am not going to tell you he didn't have a seizure, and I am not going to tell you he didn't, because we proceed the same way no matter what happened".....this made me feel a little better and yet scared at the same time. She is the one that went into detail about how they don't have any treatment for fever seizures and explained it all to me. After talking to her, I did feel more confident and less scared. I just knew that we were in for a sick baby for a few more days.

Saturday we were supposed to go to our monthly meet-up for our mom/kid group that was a valentines day party. Because Jacob was still sick, we had to cancel going. I had already made the cupcakes for the event, so my friend Jennifer came by and picked them up!

Saturday night we had plans to go out to dinner with Megan and Mike as it was Mike's 25th birthday, and Jacob was going to go play with his friend Stephen (Jennifer's' son) but since he was sick I didn't think he should go over to play. I was just going to stay at home with him and have Hans bring me back dinner. However when Megan and Mike got to our place, Jacob perked up and started playing! At that point, I could really use some time out of the house, so we packed Jacob up with us and went to dinner. Here was Mikes' birthday card...

This card is designed to hold either a gift card or cash! Happy Birthday Mike! Hope you enjoy your gift!

Onto our picture of the week!

Even sick he will smile! (please excuse the mess!)


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