Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 9 of 52 weeks in pictures!

So apparently blogger ate this post the other night, and I just now noticed! Sorry about that!

The past week has been spent with me sick still, Jacob getting better and Hans staying healthy! Our good friends Megan and Mike are moving :( and Hans helped pack up their u-haul for Mike and Megan's dad to drive down to ND. Megan is still here in AK wrapping up all the loose ends and will be hitting the road in their other car here in a couple of days.

Hans had a second interview last week with a company in South Dakota. We hope to hear back soon about that job! I would love to be able to post next time about us moving!

Jacob has started to count! The other day we were eating at a restaurant and he was playing with the coffee creamers on the table. I started to count them with him and right after I said one, he said two!! It was really cute! I can't believe how much he is growing lately. His talking is getting so much clearer every day and I notice new words all the time.

On Monday, I meet up with our friend Jennifer and her son Stephen at a bouncy place for the boys to run around and get some energy out. Jacob had a blast jumping and running around! 

We are very excited for March 12th as Oma will be here! She is coming to visit us as well as her friend Sharon.

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