Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 11 of 52 weeks in Pictures

Hi everyone!! It has been crazy around here, but that is the norm these days. We are still trying to get better, and let me tell you I am so over being sick. I am going to the ENT on Friday to see what he says and hopefully can make me all better.

Oma came to visit!! She flew in on Friday and will be here until next week Monday. We are really enjoying our time with her.

Today I took Jacob to get his 2yr / Easter pictures done, and let me tell you they are cute! We are also having Jacob's birthday party this weekend so that Oma can be at it while she is here.

Oh I almost forgot to mention, Hans will be flying to South Dakota for a 3rd interview with a company at the end of the month!!! He has to wait until then because the manager of the department is on vacation for this week and next. He is really excited and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this is the job for him and that we will be moving soon. :) 

Now onto some pictures.....

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