Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 10 of 52 weeks in pictures!

What a week we have had here.....unfortunately we are still all sick and trying like mad to get better. I took Jacob back to the doctor on Friday and he has double ear infections again. So onto another round of antibiotics.  I am still not better, but the doctors can't figure out what exactly I have, so I am just suffering through and crossing my fingers that I am getting better. Now poor Hans started to feel sick Thursday night and has spent his weekend sick.

On Thursday, our friend Megan and her mom left to drive from Anchorage to North Dakota. :( Megan's husband and dad did the drive the week before with a U-Haul full of all their stuff. Megan and her mom made it there today. On Wednesday evening, Megan came over to say goodbye :( :( :( I took a bunch of pictures of her and Jacob as she was "Auntie Megan" him.

Hans job search: Hans received a call from the company in South Dakota that he interviewed with back in January. Apparently they have had another position open up can called to see if he was interested in interviewing for it! He had a skype interview a week ago Wednesday and they called him back Friday and want him to come to South Dakota for an in person interview!! He will  be talking to them tomorrow to set up when that will be!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will know something soon!!!

This week we don't have much coming up, except Hans' mom is coming later Friday night!!!! She will be staying up here for 10 days!! I am so excited to see Diane and for Jacob to have some Oma time!

I almost forgot to tell you all this....but I pulled out Jacob's potty chair and he loves to sit on it!!! They have been putting him on the potty at daycare, so I figured that I would do so here at home as well! He has not yet done anything in the potty, but sure loves sitting on it!

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