Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 13 of 52 weeks in Pictures!

This past week we had a pretty easy week around here. On Monday, we had to say bye to Oma and send her back to CO. :(  We really enjoyed our time with her, and she enjoyed her trip up here! Jacob and I had a few playdates with our friends, and then on Saturday Hans, Jacob and I all packed up in the van and had a day trip to Seward, AK!

Seward is about a 2 hour drive south of Anchorage and is a really cute town. In the summer time it is a big destination for people wanting to go fishing. We wanted to go down to visit the Alaska Sealife Center. The Sealife center is a rehab facility for sea creatures. They usually have seals and sea-lions to see as well as other fish. So we headed down for a fun family day!

This is how our day on the road started:
Yep that is fog....but we were driving right along the coast (the only way to drive to Seward), so it isn't that unusual. Thankfully the weather got better about 45 minutes into our drive when we reached Girdwood, AK.

Thankfully our weather stayed this way for most of the remainder of the trip!

 Touching star-fish and other neat things!

 Sleeping Lady Mountain

On Hans job search....he leaves on Wednesday night to fly to South Dakota for a in-person interview with a company! This will be his 3rd interview with this company!!! He also has a phone interview scheduled with another company for this week!!! I am so excited that we may be close to knowing where we will be moving to!

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