Monday, April 18, 2011

Last day with a 1 year old! (and 52 weeks in pictures!)

Hi!! Well tomorrow is the baby will be 2! I can't believe it! Tomorrow I am taking Jacob to Chuck E Cheese for a play date with his two good friends and as a treat since it is his birthday. Our move week has also arrived.

On Tuesday, I will meet the movers at my mom's house in the Valley to pick up/pack the items that we have in storage. Then on Wednesday they will come here to our apartment and pack up everything. Then on Thursday the movers come back to load all our stuff to make the 3,033 mile drive. On Friday morning, Jacob and I will take off and fly to Colorado to stay with Oma and Boppy until all our household goods are ready to be delivered to SD! Hans will then start his drive on May 2nd, as he is working until May 1st at AK USA. His dad is flying up here on Tuesday to drive my van down for us, and will be bringing it to CO so that I have it and when the time comes can drive up to SD. Depending on when that is, Oma should be coming with Jacob and I to help us get settled into our new house.

After Jacob's bath tonight, I took some pictures of him on his last night as a 1 year old! Here are some of the better ones! 
I don't want my picture taken!
 OK, I guess I will take one with Mom!
 But, I am not feeling the love for Dad tonight.

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