Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guess what????? We are moving!!!! (and my late 52 weeks in picture post)

It is official!!! We are moving! Hans was offered a job today with a company in South Dakota. The company had set up a conference with him for 7am our time to discuss an offer! So by 7:05 am we knew they wanted to hire him and were learning all the details of the offer. They are helping to pay for our relocation, which is very nice. Plus they have great benefits. 

We have scheduled movers to arrive on April 21, and Jacob and I will fly to Colorado on April 22nd to stay with Mark and Diane until Hans can secure housing for us in the town we are moving to. Mark will be flying up to help drive my van down and help us pack the last couple of days and then help load the truck before hitting the road to drive. Hans will be staying behind here until May 2nd as his last day of work at his current job is May 1st. So needless to say, the next few weeks is going to be crazy!

I realized that I never took any pictures in the last week, but here is a picture that I took when we took our day trip last weekend and I thought was a funny picture. :)

We were in the elevator at the Sealife center and Jacob was looking up at the ceiling as it had mirrors on it. He thought that it was pretty cool.

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