Friday, May 6, 2011


I can't believe that it has been so long since I have updated....sorry! To say life has been crazy would be an understatement. My last post was packing day, and then we had load day. Our original plan was that we were going to stay at our apartment the night of pack day as the movers were not going to break down our bed until the load day. However, when I picked Jacob up from daycare and brought him back to the apartment, he freaked out and was scared because almost everything was in boxes and stacked all over the place. We choose to go and stay in a hotel for the next 2 nights, until Jacob and I were ready to fly to Colorado.

On Friday April 22nd, Jacob and I did just that, and we flew all day to CO. We had a really good first flight to Seattle, and then unfortunately about 35 minutes of our second flight Jacob decided that it was time to throw a huge 2 year old tantrum and scream bloody murder and flail about. He was mad because I had to turn the portable DVD player off for take off, and of course you have to do that before they even close the door. At one point I even saw the flight attendant trying to discreetly give the people all sitting around us ear plugs because he was so loud. Finally I was able to calm him down and he fell asleep! I was so worried that he would wake up, I held him the entire time. He did end up waking up during the decent into Denver, but I was able to get him to stay calm until we were off the plane.

Our first Sunday here in CO was Easter. After flying all day Friday, Jacob seamed to not be feeling all that well and ended up getting sick Friday night into Saturday. I thought that he was over it come Sunday, but right before dinner the puking started again. :( After puking and only wanting to be held by me, he perked up a little when the time came to fine Easter eggs with his cousins.
Trying on his cousins bunny ears!

I ended up taking him to a doctor here on that following Monday, and he had double ear infections. :( Thankfully that was easily treated with a round of antibiotics, and he finally seams to be back to his normal self!

When Jacob and I flew down, we happened to bring with us Oma's new puppy Baron. He is a very cute German Shepard puppy that came from one of her good friends in Anchorage litter.

Oma with the Barron, Jules (in purple), Katherine (in pink) and Jacob

The day that Jacob and I left Alaska, Hans' dad Mark (AKA Boppy) left in my van and drove it here to CO so that I would have my van, and then I Jacob and I will be driving up to Huron when we get notification that all our household stuff is ready to be delivered.

On this past Sunday, May 1st, Hans' worked his final day at Alaska USA FCU. He worked until the 1st so that we would not have a break in our health insurance, and so we wouldn't have to pay for Cobra insurance which is very spendy. We were very fortunate that by him working on the 1st, his insurance via AKUSA is good until the end of the month, and his new jobs insurance picks up on June 1st, thus allowing us no break in coverage!

On Monday, Hans started his drive from Anchorage AK, to Huron SD. It is a total of 3,033 miles from the door of our apartment in Anchorage to the door of our new house in Huron! As of today he has made it to Saskatoon, SK Canada and tomorrow will be entering back into the United States. He will actually be going to visit our good friends Megan and Mike in North Dakota for the afternoon. Then on Saturday he will make his was to Huron.

On Wednesday next week, Hans will take possession of our house! We have phone/internet/cable being installed the same day. There is a small possibility that our household items will be ready to be delivered on Thursday or Friday next week, but we will not know for sure until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Jacob and I have been enjoying the nice weather that we are starting to get here in CO. We have been playing outside quite a bit!

OK well I have to run, Jacob has just woke up and I need to get him back to sleep. :)

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