Sunday, May 22, 2011

All stocked up!

This weekend we finally got our house all stocked up with a trip to Sioux Falls to go to Sam's Club.

On Thursday night, Jacob and I headed to Sioux Falls (SF for short!) as I had to take my van to the dealership early on Friday morning for them to fix the issue with the window leaking water when it rains. Thankfully they had a rental car available for only $25 so Jacob and I could go do some shopping and not be stuck. When Hans got off work on Friday, he headed to SF to join Jacob and me to do our big shopping trip.

Saturday we got up and ready, and then headed to Sam's. We started with one cart, and by the time we made it to the meat department we were overflowing! So back to the front I went to get a second cart. By this point, Jacob was getting fussy so I also went and grabbed the Ergo to carry him in. So we made it through the remainder of the store with 2 heaping carts of stuff, and Jacob asleep on my back in the Ergo! As we were unloading all the items on the conveyer I realized that it would be easier to load everything directly into the big cooler that we were buying to keep things cold for the drive. To do this, we had to track down a flatbed cart to hold the cooler with items in it. So that meant we were up to 3 carts! After getting things packed in the cooler and insulated bags and boxes, we were able to drop back down to 2 carts to get out to the Tahoe. We actually were able to get everything into the Tahoe with no issues. Hans and Jacob then hit the road to head back home and I ran to a few other stores before heading home. Once we got home came the fun job of figuring out where we were going to put everything. Thankfully we have so much storage space here, we were able to get it all put away with no issues!

Last night I decided to start staining my scrapbooking cabinets. I have 3 to stain, so I started with the first one, and applied one coat of stain to it. After that dried, Hans suggested that it needed another coat. I was planning on doing that today, but never was able to get to it. I took some before pictures, but don't have them downloaded yet, so will upload them when I am done with the project. 

Last night we (well mostly Hans) watched our "Home town" Alaska Aces play their 5 game in the Kelly Cup series (their level of the Stanley Cup) and they won!! They are the Kelly Cup Champions again this year! So Congratulations to the Aces! 

Today we unpacked some more and took a drive to the big Cabella's store in Mitchell which is about an hour away. All in all it was a good lazy, but productive day.

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