Thursday, March 4, 2010

A star filled night!

My hubby is here my hubby is here!!! Hans joined Jacob and I on vacation in Arizona today! He will be here until Sunday morning and then he has to return home and go back to work while Jacob and I continue on our month long vacation. After dinner we heated up the hot tub and went out and enjoyed the night sky. We just basked in the warmth of the water and being able to stair up at the sky that was filled with stars! Being from Alaska, to be able to see the stars like that it usually has to be VERY COLD out, so it is always a treat to be somewhere warm that gets dark.

Not much else is new today. We are just relaxing and enjoying our time . I have been taking a ton of pictures with my Sara's very nice camera that mom got her for Christmas. Here are some from today!

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