Saturday, March 20, 2010

WDW Day 5 and Jacob is 11 months old!

Thursday, March 18th was our last day at WDW....and I now have what Jacob had yesterday. I tried to make it and we went to Epcot as  I really wanted to go. However after only being there for maybe an hour I had to go back to the hotel and go back to bed. Kimberly was nice enough to come back with me to help me with Jacob. We had late reservations for dinner at Chef Mickeys which was in the lobby of our hotel. I though that eating something would help me, so I summoned the energy to go. I made it maybe 10 minutes and had to head back to the room. This meal was also with some characters so here are the pictures!

Today was also Jacob's 11 month-day! I can't believe that in one short month my baby will be 1 year!! :) :( Where oh where has the time gone?? I have loved the past 11 months, and can't wait for the years to come and to see him continue growing.

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