Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a week!

We have had quite the busy week since returning home from our vacation! Here is the recap of the week. :)

Monday started with me securing a new contract for work! I will not be doing some billing and collections work for a local ultrasound company! I also got my tax-id, business license, and business bank account all set up. I am now a business owner! I am really excited for what is to come and being my own boss.

Tuesday was not that eventful, Jacob played at Arctic Playgroundz with Oma and his cusions while I went to my office for a little while to get some work done. Then it was back home for us to play. One fun think that happened today was I booked Arctic Playgroundz for Jacob's 1st birthday party that will be held on his actual birthday!

Wednesday both Hans and I had work to do, so Jacob spend his day with Oma. He really enjoys going to her house as he has kids to play with.

Thursday when Jacob woke up and I changed his diaper he had quite the swollen penis. Hans got the doctors office on the phone right away for me and they got us in to go see them that morning. I took him in and the doctor said that he did have an infection and put him on some antibiotics to clear up the infection. He gave us some things to watch for, but said that he should do fine and the meds should clear him right up. The rest of Thursday he seamed to do good.

Friday morning when we woke up and I went to change his diaper, not only was he more swollen and red, but he still had a dry diaper. I immediately called the doctors office again and left them a message. The nurse called me back and had some things for me to try to encourage him to pee. After these suggestions didn't work, I called back and they had us come in right away to try and place a catheter. The pediatrician tried, but could not get the catheter placed, so he called the pediatric urologist. The urologist had us head over to his office so that he could take a look at Jacob and place the catheter. Well after trying for around 30 minutes to get the catheter placed, he said that it would be better to do so in the OR. I immediately called Hans as he was at home and told him to meet us in Day Surgery at the hospital. The doctor called over and had the case added to the OR, I signed all kinds of forms and away we went to day surgery.

Once we were there they got us back into the pre-op area and started to take all of Jacob's history and explain to us in detail how he would be given the anesthesia. The anesthesiologist came in and went over everything in details with us as well which was so nice. Then once it was time, they gave Jacob some meds in the room and let me hold him for about 10 minutes while they kicked in. The drugs were a mix of baby Tylenol and versed. The anesthesiologist said that it would cause him to be kind of spacey and be easier to take him back into the OR. Once the meds had kicked in she wrapped him in a warm blanket and carried him into the OR. Once I could no longer see him is when I finally let go and balled my eyes out all over Hans shoulder. Once I was done crying we headed out to the waiting room. The next hour and a half was a long wait. Every time the doors would open I would be checking for the surgeon to be coming out. Hans had brought our ipod touches with him to give us something to do while we waited which was nice. It was also nice because the hospital has free internet so that helped to pass the time. Then the surgeon came out and explained that the reason that he was not able to get the catheter in was because the infection had completely blocked the urinary tract and Jacob was not able to pee. He said that he got all of the blockage out and removed the infected tissue. He left the catheter in place for the night. He said that Jacob should be able to go home that night and he would see us back in the morning. After another 20 minutes or so, one of the nurses came out and gave us the prescriptions that we needed to get filled. Hans went ahead and left the hospital to get them filled as it was getting late and we needed to get them before the pharmacy closed.

A little while later the nurse came and got me and took me back to the recovery area. They anticipated that he would be waking up shortly as most people come out of the anesthesia with in 30 minutes of leaving the OR. However Jacob had a different idea. The nurses were all so nice and kept coming up and telling me what a cute baby I have and how sweet he looked. He finally decided to wake up 4 hours later! Thankfully they had a comfortable recliner that I was able to use most of the time while actually holding him trying to help get him to wake up. Once he woke up, they removed all the monitoring wires and took out his IV, and let me get him dressed and away we went. He fell back asleep in the car and stayed asleep even while being carried inside and being laid down in bed!  He slept pretty good all night, just waking once to eat. In the morning we got up and I took him back to the hospital to meet with the doctor for him to check everything out and remove the bandages and catheter. Jacob didn't like that to much, but was just fine as soon as it was all over and I could hold him.

The rest of Saturday we just hung out and had a lazy afternoon at home after getting back from the hospital and eating brunch with Oma. Then in the evening Oma came over to our house and stayed with Jacob while I went to my scrapbooking event. Jacob did very well for her I hear. She said that he slept almost the entire time!

Today we got up and went to church and then over to visit my dad. After that we came home and Jacob is currently napping.

We go back on Tuesday to see the Urologist to make sure that everything is healing properly and to make sure that we don't need to do anything else besides make sure that he stays as clean as possible. 

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