Sunday, April 11, 2010

OMG............Only One week!

It has been a very busy couple of weeks! Jacob is doing great from his surgery! We don't go back to the urologist until the end of the month, but I can just tell that he has healed very well. :)

After everything settled down from Jacobs surgery, I was able to get a good start on my new business! I am enjoying being my own boss! Jacob is still going over to Diane's for a few hours most days so that I have time to focus on work and can get some phone calls done if need be without having to worry about a crying baby in the background.

We have made the decision to sell my Trailblazer and buy a 2010 Honda Odyssey! I just loved driving my moms while I was in AZ, and Hans liked it as well so we have put the Trailblazer up for sale and he will be flying to Fairbanks on Wednesday to pick up the van. We had to go with a dealership in Fairbanks as the one here in Anchorage didn't have the model that we wanted or one with the options that we were looking for. So he is headed up there early Wednesday morning. I can't wait to have my new van! (I never thought that I would be a mini-van person, but alas I love this van!)

Last weekend I tried to take Jacob to the park. Diane came with us, and we I got a couple of cute pictures. He wasn't to sure about the snow as there is still a good amount on the ground at the parks. We only stayed for maybe 10 minutes as they didn't have any swings at the park we went to and I really was trying to get pictures of him in the swing.

Last Sunday was Jacob's first Easter! I also realized that out of Hans' parents 6 grand kids, it was the first Easter for 4 of them! Jacob, Grace, Katherine and Julianna all were born in the past year! We got some cute pictures of Jacob in his outfit that Diane bought him for Easter! We also got a few good pictures of him with his cousins that live here in AK, and then some good family shots!

Today Megan and I went to the Crop for Cancer event. It was from 10 to 10...yes that is right, 12 straight hours of scrapbooking! We had a great time! Both of us won a silent auction item. Megan's was a basket with wine, place mats, napkins, napkin rings, and a table runner. My item was a big set of "boy" scrapbooking supplies! I have been eying the paper that was included in the bunch at Michel's but have never bought it. Now I don't have to and I got a bunch of stickers and stuff to go with it! And of course there is the added benefit that the proceeds went to a great cause. I will take all the stuff out tomorrow and take a picture of all the cool stuff I won and post a picture! Thanks to Diane who watched Jacob almost all day while I was off scrapbooking and Hans was at work!

After I got home and checked my email and facebook, I signed onto thebump as usual. Every time I sign on, it tells me in the corner how many days until Jacob's birthday. When I signed in it said that there were only 7 days until his birthday! This made me freak out just a bit! Can you believe it....only 7 more days until my sweet baby enters toddler-hood! I have a feeling that the next 7 days I will be a crying mess as he is starting to get so darn big!

Here are some of our newest photos from the last few weeks. :) Enjoy!

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