Friday, August 13, 2010

Goodbye Steeple drive house

Well it is official - Hans parents house sold today. His dad was up here to sign the paperwork to sell it to the new owners. They lived in the house for 23ish years! Hans was the first and last person to celebrate a birthday in it. I know that it was a bittersweet day for everyone, but also the start of a new chapter for Mark and Diane. They already have their new house in CO, and I look forward to visiting it in November when Jacob and I go down.

Speaking of visiting and vacations...I have booked 2 more trips for us. So now between September and December we are going to 3 places! In September we are flying down to Seattle for Hans' grandmothers (Gummy) 90th birthday! While we are there we are driving down to Portland to see Brad Paisley in concert!!! Mark and Diane will be flying up to Seattle to be there are well, so we are looking forward to that. Then in November Jacob and I are flying to CO to visit Diane, Hans' oldest sister Jessica and her hubby Caleb and their twin girls! Then in December Jacob and I are flying down to Vegas to meet my mom, then a few days later Hans will join us and we will drive to her house in AZ. This trip is subject to change upon Hans getting a job offer and us having to be moving during the month of December. If we don't have to move, then we will be staying at my moms until January 1st and then flying back home. We both believe that we will have to at least cancel the return part of it, but made plans just in case. :)

Tonight after dinner, I finally was able to catch Jacob on video dancing to the music on one of his toys! I will attempt to attach the video as it is just so cute! Also today he started to pull stuff off the kitchen table. The thing about it is, we have a gathering table so it is much higher than a normal dinner table. It is 36inches tall! Needless to say, I was not expecting to see the mail on the floor after turning around. Jacob also got his first face scrap this morning. He was walking out to Hans SUV and he tripped and his chin scraped the ground. He was a really good about letting me clean it up. Poor boy now has a pretty nice raspberry looking thing on his chin :( .

I am so excited for this weekend as Megan is coming over to scrapbook! I got 2 new cartridges in the mail today for the Cricut!!! I almost felt like I was stalking the mailman waiting for my packages to arrive. The mail man that delivers the bigger packages came to the door and only had one box and I was where are the rest of my packages and he didn't know. I then checked our mail and the other two fit in the box, so it was all good! I also got my rolling bag for the Cricut and it is nice! I am still waiting on 5 of the cartridges that I have won via ebay from last weekend to arrive. Hopefully they will come tomorrow so that we can play with them! I also got a new cartridge from my friend Chris for my birthday! Thanks again Chris!!!!

That is all I can think of today, so now for the video!

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