Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot Stone Massage

Yesterday I went to the spa that I received a gift card to from my dad for my birthday last week and had a hot stone massage! It was wonderful! At first I wasn't all that impressed, but by the end I was hooked. I have been fortunate enough in my life to have had many massages. This was the first time I have ever fell asleep during one! The massage therapist told me that my muscles responded very well to the hot stones as the heat from them allow the knots in your muscles to just melt away. The one thing that I noticed right away was that the therapist didn't have to press as hard while working on the areas that I have horrible knots. I also have not been sore at all since, and I normally am sore for a day or so after. I have another gift card to the same spa that I got this weekend from Hans' parents, so I will be going back sometime for another hot stone massage!

This past week has been pretty uneventful after my birthday. I went out shopping with my friend Brooke and she got me a new cartridge for my cricut for my birthday! I love it. I have been playing with the cricut everyday. I have had it set up on the kitchen table since I opened it up. Hans finally asked me if we were ever going to be able to eat at the table again.....so I was a good wife and put it all away. This past weekend I searched all over ebay for some cricut items and was fortunate to get some really great deals. I can't wait for my packages to start arriving. I will try and make sure to take some pictures in the next few days of some of my creations that I have made in the past week, as well as the stuff that I have bought over the past couple of days. :)

Jacob has been teething lately, and finally his incisors (yes all 4!) have come through the gums! He is also just exploding when it come to new words. The past few days when he hears Hans come in the door from work he runs over to it and says hi dada! He also says bye bye all the time when he sees someone head for the door, or he will run to it and say go! go! When we leave to go somewhere I will ask him if he wants to go bye bye and he will start yelling it and run to the door, then will run down our hall (we live in a secured apartment building) to the elevator. He then likes to knock on the elevator door until it opens up! He likes to try and step on his tipy toes and try to reach the floor buttons (thankfully he can't yet reach!), then when we get to the bottom he runs to the door until I open it, then runs to the secure door for the garage (don't worry this is still inside, so he isn't in any danger). We then walk over to the car and he tries to climb up to his seat even though he can't quite get up yet so I get him in and all buckled.

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