Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5 of 52 weeks in Pictures!

Hi! This weekend has been a fun one! Friday night we went to an Aces game with Megan and Mike. It was a GREAT game! There was a huge fight at the end of the game that ended in 3 Aces players being suspended and 7 of the other teams guys being suspended as well as both coaches! Saturday night I really wanted to go to the second game in the series since Friday's game was so good, but Hans was at work and everyone else that I called couldn't I packed up Jacob and we went! I took the camera along and got some great pictures! He LOVES going to the games and cheers right along with everyone else! At Aces games, we ring cow-bells and he loves to ring 2 of them at a time!

Here are some pictures that I put together if him from last nights game! We have him wear the head phones to help protect his ears due to the noise in the arena. When we score, for horns are blown and are really loud, plus all the cheering and cowbells makes it for one loud place. He has been wearing them since he was 2 weeks old, so he is used to them.

Hans should *fingers crossed* hear back from the job in South Dakota early this week! They had to postpone the final decision as they had to reschedule one of the final interviews to last Friday thus pushing back the decisions until next week. I really hope that we will have good news in the next few days!

Today while Jacob was napping, I finished up some Valentines Day cards for some family members. If you would like to see pictures head on over to my crafting blog!

Hope ya all have a great week!

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