Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Hans!

Yesterday was Hans birthday! After he got off work, we had a girl from our new church come over to watch Jacob while we went to dinner and a movie! It was nice to be able to do something together on his birthday.
We are settling very nicely in our new house and town. We have found a new church to go to, and I even went to an event they had on Saturday. Everyone that we have met has been really nice and think that it is cool that we are from Alaska. We have been getting ready to close on the house, which will happen on July 11th! One of the first things that we are going to do once we actually own the house, is have a fence put up to keep Jacob contained. We have been getting quotes and looking at different options for the fence. This past weekend we went to Mitchell to Menards (like Home Depot or Lowe's) to see what they offered and we were very happy to see that they actually sell 8 foot fence panels! So instead of having to have each board attached here at the house, all that would need to be done is the posts put into the ground, and then the 8 ft panels attached! We have decided to go with panels that look like this.....  
We are hoping to have the fence installed shortly after we close on the house so that Jacob can play outside a little more and be safe! We are also looking at putting up a playset for Jacob. We priced them out when we were at Menards and can get him a pretty cool one for a good price.  
On onto some pictures! These pictures are from when Jacob and I were in Colorado. One afternoon, Oma, Jessica, Katherine, Julianna, Jacob and I went to a farm that is open to the public. Jacob was just fascinated by the chickens and spent a lot of time by their area. He also liked walking through the little creak they had. The last picture is of Jacob trying to take Oma's new puppy Baron for a walk. 

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