Monday, June 27, 2011

2 years 2 months 1 week and 1 day

Is how long Jacob nursed for! I have been so ready for him to be done for a while now, but he just wasn't ready to stop. Well last week we finally hit a wall with his sleeping issues and we had to start some sleep training. Thankfully that has been going very well! And with him sleeping in his own bed every night all night he doesn't ask to nurse! He will now fall asleep on his own after being tucked in and given a good night kiss and hug and a story read to him. I am so proud of the improvements that we have all made in the past couple of days!

On another note, I started my 90 day challenge at Curves today! I am really excited about this challenge and am looking forward to the results.

We are going to have quite the busy house this coming weekend! Megan and Mike are coming for the holiday weekend and so are my mom and sister Kim! Then on the 15Th of July, Mark and Diane are coming for a while! And of course on the 11th we close on our house!!

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  1. Found the link to your blog on Facebook -- so fun to learn more about you & your family! Way to go on nursing Jacob for so long...that's amazing! I nursed my twins til they were 18 months old, and it took sleep training for them to quit, too, so I totally relate to you on that one! Hope you guys have fun with your friends this weekend!