Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outdoor fun!

What a week we have had! We are getting closer and closer to closing on our house! Since we already live in the house, we don't have the anticipation of actually being handed our keys at closing, but it is still exciting (and a little scary) gearing up for the closing.

This past Monday and Tuesday, Jacob had to stay home with my as his daycare provider had to go to WY for a funeral. We had fun just lounging around the house some on Monday, and then running some errands and finishing off our afternoon with a trip to the library! Yesterday, we went to our first playdate for the Moms group that I have found here! We met a lot of very nice moms and all their kids! Jacob enjoyed playing at the park with all the kids. We even made the trek to the park on my bike and Jacob in the bike trailer.

Today, I went down to Curves and signed up for their 90 day challenge. I know it was about this time last year that I tried using a personal trainer to help in my weight loss and that didn't seam to work all that well. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that I can stay motivated and get in better shape. I am also increasing my bike riding, by riding to pick Jacob up in the afternoons! I did my first trip today, and am happy to report that I made it all the way there without stopping and all the way home and still felt pretty good afterwards! The ride is about 5.5 to 6 miles round trip! I was able to ride to Amanda's house in about 25 minutes, and back in about 20! On my way to her house, I had a few areas that were pretty windy, so that slowed me down and almost blew me over, but I was able to push through it and make it.

OK onto some pictures! I actually remembered to pull out the camera this week and got a couple cute pictures of Jacob!

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