Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

Today was a pretty good day! Jacob went to Mrs. Jamie's house and then Oma picked him up for the afternoon so that I could work all day. I made the decision yesterday to hire someone to come and help me with one of my work projects and within 20 minutes of posting the position on my local moms group I had a call from one of the moms that was willing to take on the challenge! She came over to my office today and I showed her what needed to be done! As soon as I posted asking for someone to come help, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

This morning, I got up and headed to the gym to have my personal training session with Melissa. Today she was going to bring my personal plan that she was working on that is specific for my goals. I will be alternating working upper body and lower body with her (each workout includes core). Today we did upper body and let me tell you it felt great! There was one exercise that she had me do that I did tell her she was torturing me...but that was ok, as that is what I need to get my butt in gear and into shape!

This evening Hans had to work (and was able to work some overtime! $$!) so we are just having a relaxing evening. I am not to sure what we will be doing for the weekend as Hans has to work. I am sure that at some point Jacob and I will go spend some time with Hans parents as they are leaving for good a week from Monday. :( I have a feeling that we will be spending a lot of then next week with them, which is fine with me! I know that I will really miss them and all our Sunday dinners that we have shared over the past 6 years.

I noticed that I forgot to list in my last post what I was able to do in my fitness test that Melissa had me do on Wednesday. She will retest me every month to see how I am doing and to make sure that I am improving.

She tested me on:

Push-ups - I had to do as many in 1 min and I did 18
Crunches - I had to do as many in 1 min and I did 23 or 25 (I can't remember)
Squats - I had to do them until I felt fatigue - I did 25
She then checked my balance. I was able to stand on my right foot for 1:32 and on my left for 1 min.

Here are some pictures that we took last night and tonight....

The next 3 pictures are of Jacob in one of my new work-out shirts. He pulled it out of the bag and got it on! He thought that he was hot stuff running around the living room in it, so we couldn't help but pull out the camera!

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