Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Belated Fathers Day!

On Sunday, Hans had to work so we celebrated once he was off work. We grilled at his parents house and then gave both him and his dad their presents. It was a fun and relaxing day and both Hans and Mark enjoyed their presents. I was not able to see or talk to my dad on Sunday because he is on vacation in Japan so we will celebrate with him once he returns.

Here are some pictures of the Men on Fathers Day!

This was from Hans mom to him....the joke about it is Jacob in in a car in the picture and Hans is a loan officer for autos. He thought it was really cute and it is now on his desk at work. :)

To are an amazing father and husband. I hope that you truly enjoyed your day (even if you did have to work). We are very proud of you for working full time, going to school full time, and for time to spend with your family on a daily basis. Your help is appreciated more that we can ever express! Thank You again for being such a great hubby and daddy! Love Jacob and Samantha


  1. Aww very sweet father's day! I bet he just loved his dad photos! I did the same for DH!

  2. He did love them, and I think that I will continue to do them over the next few years. :)