Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 4 of 52 weeks in Pictures!

Hi! What a week it has been around here! On Wednesday Jacob started going to a new daycare/preschool for 5 1/2 hours a day! He is really enjoying being able to play with other kids his age and it gives me time to be able to get my work done, so it really is a win win situation. On Thursday, Jacob finished his antibiotics for the sinus infection that he had. However on Friday I noticed the runny nose came back, and then he started to spike a fever at night, so today we went back to the pediatricians (yes they are open on Sundays!) and he now has an ear we are now on a new med for another 10 days. I really hope that this med takes care of the bugs and he gets back to normal here soon!

Hans is still waiting to hear back from the job in South Dakota that he interview for last week. They should get back to him by Tuesday hopefully!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have started another blog for just my crafts! I am really excited about all the fun stuff that have been making and now have a place to showcase it all. I have really gotten into reading other craft blogs, so that is what gave me the inspiration to create it! If you would like to check it out the address is:

Now for the pictures of the week!
Jacob thought that it was funny to suck on his big toe.....
 He loves to pay in the bathroom....however look at his legs...he found his shorts from his PJ's and put them on over his pants.
 But Mom...I want to watch Barney for the 32134646 time today!
 OK that's it....I am just going to sleep right here!

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