Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vacation booked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In October, Hans and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary! I have been kicking around the idea of us going on a trip to celebrate. We both enjoy cruises (we have been on 2) and we have the itch to go on another. Without telling him, I have been looking into them and found one that I really liked. I got all the way to the purchase screen and then asked for his opinion. He liked the one that I picked out, but is hesitant due to him changing jobs and not knowing if he will have the leave time available. I asked him if he would be up to booking it if the cruise line still had the cancellation policy that would refund all the deposit up until the "pay by date". He said as long as this was still in effect that we could go ahead and book!!! I called to verify that if we needed to cancel, we would receive the $500 deposit back and we would as long as we cancel by August 2nd!

We will be cruising on the Carnival Legend for 7 beautiful days! We are leaving out of Tampa, FL and will be stopping at Cozumel Mexico,  Belize, Isla Roatan, and Grand Cayman! We are NOT taking Jacob, as this is a mommy and daddy trip! We plan on leaving him with either Hans parents, or my mom (we will let them fight over who gets him for the week!)

I am so excited...October can't get here soon enough! I really hope that we don't have to end up canceling this as we are both looking forward to it!

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