Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 Review in pictures!

I know this is a little late, but here it is!
January: Football time with Dad!
 February: Trip to Grandma's in AZ
 March: Disney World!!!

 April: Jacob turns 1!
 May: Nice Alaska swinging at the park!
 June: Daddy turns 26...
 Reading with Oma.....
 and Fathers Day with Daddy and Boppy!
 July: Oma and Boppy move to Colorado :(....
 But we go camping for the first time as a family!
 And then go camping again in Homer, Alaska a few weeks later!
 Daddy also gets Jacob's foot prints put on his back!
 August: Mommy turns 26, and Grandma and Aunt Sara visit us!

 September: My Great Nephew Alanzo joins the world!
 And we have our Christmas Card family picture taken! Mommy and Daddy also celebrate their 4th wedding Anniversary!
 November: Jacob and Mommy go Visit Oma and Bobby in CO (and other family!)

 December: Christmas at Grandma's in Arizona!
Looking back we had a very good year! We had lots of travels last year that we enjoyed greatly!

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