Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hair cut!

Jacob has been in the need of a hair cut lately. The problem is that he doesn't really sit still if I take him to get his hair cut, so I end up paying for a crappy cut. Before our trip I bought a clipper set and was going to buzz off his hair. However after multiple people telling me that I shouldn't do that, I should just trim the areas that were long I took advantage of him playing in the bathroom sink (one of his favorite things to do!). Yesterday he was in the bathroom as I was getting ready and he actually was allowing me to comb his hair. I realized that he was being so still, so I grabbed my hair cutting scissors and went to town. There are a few areas that don't quite look professional, but that is ok because I am not one! My mom asked me if I put a bowl on his head, and I did not (it appears that I did due to some of the pictures and the length of his hair.)

Before cut :) 

After cut :) 

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  1. So Handsome!! It does kinda look like a bowl, but it is pretty darn good - better than Squishy's first cut (I ended up buzzing it)

    Welcome Back!!