Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The countdown is on!!!!!

In 6 weeks I will be a stay-at-home mom!!!! Well I will be doing some computer/scanning work for one of my moms companies out of a small rented space just around the corner from my home. This is so exciting for me as I have always wanted to be able to stay home with Jacob and this will give me the freedom to do so but still allow me to contribute to the family income. My last day at Alaska Women's Health will be February 12. I then will have a week to get things set up in the space that will be my "office" and then Jacob and I are off to Arizona. I will be there to set up with my mom the files that I will be using when scanning all the stuff into and then watching my sisters while my mom goes on a cruse. After she comes back we have another week to work on the files and then we are headed to Florida and Walt Disney World. When we leave Florida my mom and sisters will fly back to Vegas and Jacob and I will fly back home. Then I will start scanning all the paperwork for the last 7 years into the server.

My picture for today is of Jacob playing. I didn't get any great pics tonight, but this was the best one of all.

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Oh and the Aces finally remember how to play hockey and actually won a game tonight! Jacob and I didn't go but Hans and Mike did. Mike actually caught one of the free t-shirts that they throw out into the crowd during the breaks. :)

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