Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My College Diploma came!!!!!!!!! It finally came yesterday! Hans called me at work to let me know that I had received  package int he mail. He said that it stated on it "do not bend" so I knew right away that it was the diploma! To celebrate we went out to dinner at Chili's, plus it was Kim's last night staying with us. (Thanks Kim for all your help with Jacob!)

So tonight we are back to sleep training / getting Jacob back into his crib. I talked to the LC at his pediatric office yesterday to get some tips on how to get him to start sleeping through the night and she said the best way is to get him into the crib. So I started to try again last night, but with Kim trying to pack and then needing to get a good nights sleep, I called it off pretty quick. So tonight with us getting back to our normal routine not having house guests I did as the LC told me and that was feed him dinner, let him play some. Then put him in his PJ's and nurse him either until he is done eating or until he falls asleep and then put him in his crib. Hans helped me as he lowered the crib today to its lowest setting and for me to lay him down in it sleeping I will have to use a step-stool. But when Hans put him down he woke up. I came in and got him to settle down and then put him back in had his music/projector playing that he likes to look at. I then left and shut the door and he was crying before I even got out of the room. As I am writing this he has been in there for 45 minutes. It is hard, but I know that it is the best thing to do. He needs to be sleeping in his crib so that he can get a good nights sleep, but also so that Hans and I can get a good nights sleep. Both my mom and the LC have told me that it is harder on me than it is him....I just have to remember that! :)

So back to the exciting part and that is my diploma. I had Hans take a few pictures of me with it so here they are!

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