Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun Day

Today started with scrapbooking time with Megan. She came over and we scrapbooked for a few hours. Well I only finished one page because I haven't ordered pictures of Jacob since he was 1 month old! So I went through all my pictures and ordered the ones that I need printed. Once Megan had to leave, Kim, Jacob and I all headed to the movies. The first one that we wanted to see we couldn't because the line was so long for tickets so we went to Youth in Revolt. It was an ok movie....Kim really wanted to see it, and it was showing at the right time so we went. After the movie we came home and played around until Hans got off of work and then went to the Aces game. They started the game very good, but after a bad call by the ref it went downhill from there and they lost.

Today's pictures are of Kim playing with Jacob!

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